The Principal's Corner

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

As we turn the pages of the calendar we find that the school year is now in full swing.  Our athletic teams have enjoyed solid starts so far.  Football has picked up two convincing wins compared to only one loss for the high school.  The high school girls have taken down the defending state champions and have secured a tournament victory.  The junior high girls have been a force, and with a depleted roster our junior high boys pulled out an impressive victory against Clifton Clyde.  The community should be proud with the state of Bulldog athletics.

In the classroom we are really rolling.  The Chromebooks have opened up new avenues for learning, that were blocked prior.  We have also seen an increase in our iPad capacity as well.  The elementary students have been creating some amazing work in their classes.  I really encourage everyone to follow their progress on Facebook.  At this time of year it can get easy to get bogged down.  Be sure you are staying up to date on your work.

Next week is homecoming.  We will have a ton of fun activities throughout the week.  It is always fun seeing kids getting behind their school.  Homecoming is also an excellent time to welcome members of our community back.  I will say this often throughout the weeks to come, but please be safe as you are enjoying the events.

Thank you to the wonderful Linn community for continuing to support the school and the students.  We are seeing such amazing progress and growth.  Seeing this reminds me of an old proverb.  It stated that truly great people plant trees that they will never sit under.  By supporting the school we continue to support the future, even if we do not experience the benefits ourselves right away. 

Thank you all.  It is a great day to be a bulldog.