The Principal's Corner

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."

The last week of August is a big week for Linn schools, specifically our Linn High School Bulldogs sports teams.  Our Lady Bulldogs square off against Valley Heights and Centrailia.  The girls have had excellent preseason workouts and are looking to have a great season.  We hope to see you out on August 30th giving them your support.

Our Bulldog sports team will be facing off against Clifton-Clyde in a redemption game of sorts.  The young men have worked very hard, and they are extremely motivated to do well against the Eagles.  We are ready to show them what Bulldogs are made of.

I want to give a quick shout out to Mrs. Oehmke and the FFA and FCCLA students who found a way to persevere against worsening weather to throw an excellent hay-rack ride evening for students.  Reports are that the night was a success for students and I am always amazed at how quick thinking the staff and students of Linn are when faced with difficult situations.  

Last Friday was "Meet the Bulldogs".  It was a wonderful experience for my family and I.  We had so many wonderful community members come introduce themselves to us.  My wife has not quit commenting on the hospitality of everyone sense.  It was great to see so many people out to support the Bulldogs and Bulldog Backers.  The Backers are such a wonderful organization, and they have done so much to help support the school and its' programs.  I want to continue to encourage all community members to continue to show their support by joining and taking positions of leadership within the group.  It was such a wonderful evening!!

Last week I began a staff appreciation project called #Bulldog.  I nominated the first teacher, but from here this will be a completely staff supported award.  I was pleased to name Kieth Spiehs as the first #Bulldog.  Mr. Spiehs has worked tirelessly with the new math texts to make sure students could access them from their new Chromebooks.

To finish I want to share a phrase that I found on Twitter the other day.  The phrase was "I don't want random acts of kindness.  I want intentional acts of kindness, and lots of them, without strings attached.  That's what's gonna change the world."  This struck a very deep chord with me.  I look at the world we are building for our youth and often it is very contradictory to what we are told is what should be happening in our schools.  I see large amounts of division and hatred.  I see this tweet and I think that we need to be kinder to one another, but not on accident, on purpose.  When we purposely show kindness and care we teach our children that they should purposely show kindness and care.  I challenge all who read this to find one thing you can purposely do to be kind this week.  Lots of little stones built the largest structures.  Lots of little moments will build the cultural revolution.

It is a great day to be a bulldog!!

Tyler Ayers