The Principal's Corner
"Be the change you wish to see in the world."  

Hello Bulldogs!!  Welcome back!! It is wild to think, but a group of students is entering their final week in high school.  For some, this is the end of their educational journey.  For others, this only marks the beginning in what will be a long stretch of time in classrooms.  For all of them, this week marks the end of an era in their lives, and all the rest of Linn.  It is hard to believe that we have less than seven days left with the class of 2017.

With that being said we do still have many things to share together, and accomplishments to revel in.  We must begin with state forensics.  Over the weekend a strong group of students went with Mrs. Dianne Friedrichs to state forensics in Salina.  The students performed extremely well.  When all was said and done the students brought back excellent scores.  Special mention must be made however of Raven Roberson, who received a I rating for her solo piece, which is the highest score a performer can earn at state.  Congratulations to all.  

We also had students competing at the state KSPA competition.  This is our state journalism competition.  Over the years the Linn students have established quite the reputation for making it to this competition and performing well.  It was so excellent to get to see Mrs. Kern take one final group to state as she finishes her amazing career at Linn.  Although final results are not yet in, students felt very confident in their efforts.  We know their hard work will pay off as the results begin to come in.

We also enjoyed a little bit of an extra activity last week.  The state of Kansas hosted Body Ventures at Linn Elementary.  Students had the opportunity to walk through an interactive “human body” learning about all the ends and outs of how food can affect our systems.  Students really loved getting to learn so much, and it is always so much fun when we get to invite the whole of Washington County to Linn.  Along with the great help of the state, I really want to thank those who helped set up and tear down the event.  Your efforts made short work of what could have been daunting.  Thank you all so much for everything.

This coming week we continue our set of field trips that will be happening.  Our eighth graders are heading to Topeka on Tuesday, our elementary students are going to Marysville to the movies this Thursday, and the fifth grade DARE completers get to go spend a late night with the Royals this Friday.  Along with that we have our elementary school Fun Day on Wednesday.  All in all it is shaping up to be a fun culmination of events as the year finishes up.

Thursday we will have our annual FFA Banquet.  This night will allow us to honor and celebrate the efforts of our amazing FFA chapter.  This night should allow us to look back on all the amazing things that these kids accomplished.  They had such a wonderful year, and I can’t wait to get to sit back and reminisce on these accomplishments.

Two other major events are our awards night this Tuesday.  Here we will get to celebrate the many accomplishments of our students from the year that has passed.  We will honor athletic honors, but also we will award the many scholarships that students have earned, along with induction into National Honor Society, and getting to see the amazing work of our artists (traditional, theater, and graphic) as well.  

The following night, Wednesday, we will hosts our annual transition orientations for next year’s seventh and ninth graders.  We will share information about what these students can look forward to as the enter the next phase of their pre-secondary schooling.  We will begin with the soon to be seventh graders at 6:30 with the next set of ninth graders at 7:30.

Commencement.  It is such an interesting word.  You see, we think of graduation, commencement, as the end.  This is the destination, the arrival, the end of something.  But, when you look at commencement the root word is commence, which means to begin.  In reality, commencement is the beginning.  It is the beginning of life.  For most of us, when we look back on our time in school prior to graduation, we don’t consider it to be the biggest part of our lives.  Really, it was only a time when we prepared for what real life is.  So, as these seniors prepare to take their final steps as students at Linn High School remember, they are not finishing, they are not ending, they are beginning.

Thank you

It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!

Tyler Ayers