The Principal's Corner
"Be the change you wish to see in the world."  

Hello Bulldogs!!  Welcome back!!  By the time you read this the month of May will be upon us.  That means we may see an end to the rain.  Warm weather is hopefully here to stay, and it is time for school to end.  Yes, we are in the month of graduations.  We are in the month of endings and new beginnings.  The students are ready to finish the year strong, and we have a ton to celebrate.

I can begin no where else besides our financial literacy team.  This past week Mrs. Kern took a group of students to Wichita to compete against every single school in the state of Kansas.  Linn was the only 1A school to make it to state.  Not only did Linn make it, we finished in fourth place.  That is fourth place in the entire state.  No different divisions based on school size.  Linn finished fourth out of the whole state of Kansas.  What an amazing accomplishment for the students and Mrs. Kern!!  We are all so proud of the students for what they accomplished.

Another big win came in the form of our art students.  This past week Mr. Hildebrand took the kids to Highland Community College to compete in their art show.  This show is a difficult one.  Because of this we do not always go.  Mr. Hildebrand felt good about his group and decided to make the trek.  The students ended up getting first place in the 1A-3A division.  Another huge accomplishment for Linn.  So proud of the diligence these kids have in terms of working on their art.  We were even fortunate enough to have a best in show.  The first Mr. Hildebrand can remember in many years.  Super proud of the work of these kids.

This coming week we have several events as well.  Tuesday will have Body Ventures here for our elementary school students.  This is such a great event for our students.  Kids will get the chance to get a close up view of how the body works.  Not only will the Linn students be partaking, but so will every student in the entire county.  Can’t wait for this.

Wednesday is a busy day.  We will be sending our seniors to senior sendoff.  Their final major event before commencement.  This will be a great day that will help prepare our students for what comes next.  Also on Wednesday our 6th graders will be headed to Hutchinson for their annual field trip.  The kids will have a ton to learn on this day, and hopefully will bring back some great stories.

Thursday we will have our annual FFA Banquet.  This night will allow us to honor and celebrate the efforts of our amazing FFA chapter.  This night should allow us to look back on all the amazing things that these kids accomplished.  They had such a wonderful year, and I can’t wait to get to sit back and reminisce on these accomplishments.

This weekend we have a couple of groups heading to the state finals.  First, our forensics team is going to Salina to compete in the state forensics finals.  These kids have talent, and have worked hard, and they now have the opportunity to show off against the state.  Our journalism students are going to Lawrence the same day for the state KSPA finals.  Mrs. Kern’s kids have had a great year.  They have really been focusing in on improving their craft this year.  Fine tuning the little things so that they can be more successful in postsecondary life.  This looks to be an amazing final showing for these kids and Mrs. Kern.  Thank you Mrs. Kern for all you have done for the students of Linn over the years.  

As we enter the final month of the year I want to take a moment to highlight our character education program.  As many of you know, each month we at Linn Public School focus in on one word to help beult the collective character capitol of our students.  Each month is a new word.  I wanted to take a look at our final word and say a few things about courage.  Courage is a hard thing to really describe.  
We tend to think of battle and bravery.  We think of people standing up against the tide.  But really, courage is just doing what you believe to be right, even if it is hard, no one agrees with you, and it might get you in trouble.  Without a doubt I believe courage to be the greatest quality any single person can possess.  It is a quality that I hope to improve in myself.  The good news is there are students in this school, and members of this community that display incredible courage.  I will simply say how proud of those people I am.  How honored I am to be able to be around them.  These are the people I aspire to be.  Thank you to the courageous, you are the true Bulldogs, and the ones we should all hope to be.

Thank you

It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!

Tyler Ayers