The Principal's Corner
"Be the change you wish to see in the world."  

Hello Bulldogs!!  Welcome back to the Principal’s Corner.  We are closing in on the end of April and, knock on wood, it appears that spring may finally be making its arrival.  I personally couldn’t be any more excited.  Seeing these calendar days’ fly past with all of the muck, and yes, snow has really had me jonesing to get out on the golf course again.  It appears that I may finally be able to get my fix!  With this warm weather we also have the end of the school year right around the corner, with a ton of celebrating to do.

Coming up early next week is our orientation night.  On Monday April 30th we will have our annual orientation night for students going into seventh and ninth grade.  We will begin with the presentation for students going into seventh grade at six o’clock in the high school gym, and then with the students going into eighth grade at seven.  This is a great night to get any questions you may have about what is coming for you and your students for next year as they make a big transition.  We hope to see all families here to get this very valuable information.

Then on Wednesday we will have the seniors of Washington County descending on Linn High School for Senior Sendoff.  The counselors of Washington County have created a wonderful morning for our seniors to help get them ready to leave their normal and leave for the world at large.  They will also have a wonderful speaker, a Ms. Lindsey Roy.  Her message of overcoming obstacles to make what could be weakness become a strength, as well as embracing the changes life gives you is one that should resonate very deeply with our students who are on the precipice of the biggest journey of their lives.

Then, following Star Wars Day, May fourth J, we will be sending two students to state forensics in Salina.  On Saturday May fifth, Carly Kolle and Gunther Conley will be competing in state forensics.  These two qualified for at regionals this past weekend.  We are super proud of the incredible work that these two freshmen did, and are excited to see how they perform under the bright lights of state!

In closing I want to let everyone know about Awards Night and the significance of this night.  Awards Night is May eighth, and I hope everyone who is able to attend does.  This night is not just about celebrating athletes or seniors, but rather it is about celebrating what it means to be in high school.  Every student who participates in an extracurricular activity gets to be honored in some way.  This, is what high school is about.  It is about getting involved and experiencing all that you can.  High school is such an incredible time.  This is where students do the important work of finding passion.  This is where they go and put themselves in uncomfortable situations, learn about leadership, teamwork, risk taking, and failure.  This is such a great night where we celebrate all of this, even the things that many times get over looked.  I hope you come out not to just celebrate kids, but celebrate their growth as people.


Thank you

It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!

Tyler Ayers