The Principal's Corner
"Be the change you wish to see in the world."  

Hello Bulldogs!!  Welcome back to the Principal’s Corner.  It’s hard to believe it, but we are only have about four weeks left in the school year!  Before we know it, sixteen amazing young men and women will be walking across a stage and into the next phase of their lives.  This couldn’t be more exciting, and honestly nerve racking.  As an educator I have always been so excited for kids when they graduate, but I am also incredibly nervous.  When they graduate we are sending them out into the world, and now we don’t have nearly the control we once did on their success.  But before we got to those tears and cheers we have a lot going on in the coming weeks.

To begin, I wanted to thank everyone who showed up for our first ever senior signing day.  What a wonderful day to get to cheer on our students, and see what amazing things they are getting ready to do.  This is what school is all about.  It’s not about the trophies or grades, but rather it is about what is coming next.  These past thirteen years have been about getting ready for the world, and there is nothing that should be celebrated more than that step and adventure.  So here is a congratulations to every senior at Linn High School and their families.

The next major event is this coming Wednesday.  We will once again be hosting our public service day, and students will be out and about in the community helping those who have supported them throughout the years.  We have several work orders from Linn, Palmer, and Barnes.  This should once again be a great day for everyone involved.  So, if you see a student out and about cleaning up that day give them, and their amazing teachers a shout!  If weather is an issue, we will update everyone about a rain date. 

Also, I wanted to do a quick reminder about our orientation night for incoming seventh graders and incoming ninth graders.  This event will be held in the library on April 30th starting at six in the evening with the upcoming middle schoolers, and seven with the upcoming high school students.  I will share more information about this in next week’s article.

In closing I wanted to take another look back at our soon to be graduates and think about what we are sending them to and how it relates to education.  The role of school has always been to prepare students to be successful in the world when they leave us.  Now, there has always been a bit of distance between the world teachers grew up in and the one they are sending students out to, however in recent years it seems that distance has increased dramatically.  Teachers now have to prepare students to succeed in a world that is extremely different from the one they came up in.  How do we prepare kids for a world we don’t understand?  I look at what some schools and universities have done to try and connect with the current world to make sure kids are prepared and I am excited.  I see many people afraid of all of this new, but rather than fear it I truly believe we should embrace it.  Rolling stones don’t roll back up a hill.  Instead of trying to stop the world what we should rather do is make sure our students are able to be the best people they can be in the world, regardless of what that world is.

Thank you

It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!

Tyler Ayers