The Principal's Corner
"Be the change you wish to see in the world."  

Hello Bulldogs!!  Welcome back to the Principal’s Corner.  We are officially in the fourth quarter of the school year.  Can you believe it that we are at the literally at the final stretch of another school year?  I know I’m struggling to realize it.  It seems like just yesterday that we were starting the year, and now we are officially in the final set.  In less than three months we will be closing out another school year.  However, we are not there yet, and many things will be coming down the pipe in the coming weeks. 

To begin we have several events going on in the coming week.  To begin, we will have our Winter Sport’s Banquet on Tuesday the 13th at 7:00 pm.  It was a fun basketball season, with many ups and downs.  I hope all parents and families are able to come out and help us celebrate these wonderful student athletes for a final time this year.  The meal will again be potluck, so I know I’m looking forward to what will be provided.

The next major event is next Wednesday the 14th.  Under-sheriff Applegarth from the Washington County Police Department will be at the school in the morning to present information to students in grades 7-12 over safe and legal uses of cell phones and social media.  This should be a very informative and helpful discussion as students will get to learn the real ramifications of their actions in this new day and age.  Any community member may come and listen to this information.  I am really looking forward to this and have heard wonderful things about the work that sheriff Applegarth does.

The following day is the next major event of the week.  Our spring concert will be on Thursday the 15th.  Mrs. Pachta has been preparing students in grades 5-12 for this wonderful concert.  The older band students are coming off of a strong performance at league music, and have been sounding great to anyone who has had the opportunity to hear them at ball games.  The younger students have also been preparing hard, and I have really enjoyed hearing them prepare.  I hope all are able to come out and listen to this great performance.

In closing I really wanted to thank the Linn PTO.  Last Friday they hosted our second annual Read Across America, Dr. Suess birthday.  These individuals have put so much work and effort into hosting a myriad of events meant to improve the overall education of the students here at Linn.  If you ever see any member of the PTO please take a second to thank them for their work and efforts.  Or if you have any desire to join in on their efforts I strongly recommend you do as this is a wonderful group of highly energized and positive individuals.  Thank you Linn PTO, together we can do this!

Thank you

It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!

Tyler Ayers