The Principal's Corner
"Be the change you wish to see in the world."  

Hello Bulldogs!!  I hope everyone has enjoyed another wonderful week in Washington county.  March has finally arrived.  This means that the doldrums of winter are coming to an end and the rebirth of spring will shortly be upon us.  This also means that the school year will quickly be coming to an end.  Truly, the first day of March signifies the beginning of the end of a school year.

As we look at the dawn of a new month I would like to focus on the dawn of a new event at Linn Public School.  This past Thursday was Dr. Suess’ birthday, and to honor this man who truly loved reading we had our very first Dr. Suess night.  For an hour we celebrated all things Suess.  A skit was put on based on “The Cat and the Hat.”  Several stations were set up where students could create different Suess items and win prizes, and we also had refreshments for everyone to enjoy.  Although it was only an hour, it was truly an amazing night.  I really can’t wait until next year when we get to host this event again.  I heard children laugh, watched them play and create, and got to see them take a step closer to falling in love with books.  My heart was warmed and I will never be able to thank the PTO enough for the night.

This was also Read Across America week.  So, every day our elementary students got to have fun and dress up to help them show off their love of books.  Teachers decorated their doors with different themes from Dr. Suess.  Kids got to look zany and just have plain fun while learning.  There were also tons of projects and activities set up around different Dr. Suess books.  I really loved the things set up around “Oh the Places You’ll Go”, and the delicious breakfast I got to enjoy with the kindergarten thanks to “Green Eggs and Ham.”  This was such a fun week, but I hope the message of the power of reading was understood by all.  I will always see books as the greatest weapon any of us will ever have.

Thursday was really fun at Linn for another reason, our seniors were given their caps and gowns for graduation.  Now I’m sure many of them have still failed to hang them up, but they did get to have some fun looking at them and dreaming of the future.  Speaking of the future or FFA seniors were very hard at work this week trying to make sure their district paper work was in order so that they would have the opportunity for more accolades.  

The future is also looking busy and productive for Linn Public schools.  To begin we will have parent teacher conferences next week on Monday.  Teachers will be available from 4-8 to discuss the actions of our students with their families.  If you have not already visited with your childs’ teacher/s I truly invite you to come and have a sit down.  This is a great opportunity to see how your student is stacking up as the year begins to draw to a close, as our third quarter ended Friday, and Monday started the fourth.

The week of March 13 will also bring about another new event.  In the past the school has done a rare genes day to help raise funds and awareness of rare diseases and the impact they have on families.  Our own Jeremy Miller and his family are affected by such an event.  So, instead of a single day we will be hosting Rare Genes Week from March 13 to March 17.  During this time we will be raising money and awareness for The Kool Kid Alliance, a nonprofit organization that helps with research for Koolen-de Vries Syndrome.  During the week we will have teachers pay $5 to wear jeans all week, a daily dollar to wear a hat, and we will take random donations as well.  Since this week we also host our winter sports banquet we will be taking donations along with Mr. Miller agreeing to speak at the event.  We are very excited about this to help us lend our hands and support to those in need.

Along this same vein of giving Linn Public School will also be hosting a day of giving on April 21.  Over the coming weeks you will be able to find forms where you can ask for the help of the students from Linn.  We will be taking the day to go out into the community to give back to those who have given us so much.  Please watch the USD 223 website, Linn Facebook, Linn Twitter, and local papers for more information as we get closer to this day.

I will not be posting a weekly schedule this week as our only major event is Monday March 6th, when we will have parent teacher conferences.

Read Across America Week is a very special time for me.  Growing up I always found comfort and solace in books and stories.  I moved a lot as a child, and forming strong relationships was very difficult through me.  But, it was in stories that I found great friends.  It was through the reading of books together that my mother and I forged a bond that has remained incredibly strong to this day.  It is because of books that I hold the intelligence that I am so incredibly proud of.  Yes, Read Across America Week is one that is very important to me.  If it weren’t for the stories I enjoyed as a child I do not know where I would be know.  I thank individuals like Dr. Seuss for caring so much about children to give them such amazing stories.  I also want to thank my mother for taking her time, after she worked a long hard day, to sit down and read stories with me, and act them, and teach me to love stories.  So, if you get the chance, read a book with a child in your life the next time you get the chance.  You won’t just be sharing a story, but rather you will be strengthening a future.

Thank you

It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!

Tyler Ayers