The Principal's Corner
"Be the change you wish to see in the world."  

Hello Bulldogs!!  It has been another unseasonably warm week in Washington county, but as I sat on my porch and cleaned my golf clubs with my daughter playing outside I really can’t complain.  Hopefully the weekend won’t bring the snow that they promise, but if so I guess my wife will be happy that I’ll be home a little more than out on the course!!  That brings me to the upcoming slate of past and future happenings at Linn Public.  You see, golf and track season are upon us which means that many more things are about to change than just the sports season.

To begin, last week we held our final parent teacher conferences.  I want to once again thank the Linn PTO.  It was such a gracious act, having you feed the staff on a day when it is hard for them to find a decent meal.  The food was excellent.  I really can not thank you all enough for such a kind act of giving.  You are truly appreciated.  I also want to thank the parents who took time out to come and visit with the teachers of their students.  It always shows how much you care when you are able to slip in the time to do something like this, so to the parents of Linn Public School, thank you.

Now, as we get ready to jump off for spring break we have a few events about to take place.  The first is our Winter Sports Banquet which will be on Tuesday the 14th at seven.  Yes, this is an exciting event where we will get to share in the accomplishments of our winter athletes and those who cheer them on, but I am really excited for this year.  Mr. Jeremy Miller will be giving a speech about his life and his son Zach who is diagnosed with Koolen de Vries Syndrome (KDVS).  This will be one of the many parts of our Rare Genes Week that I discussed in last week’s article.  

I again wanted to bring up our Rare Genes Week fundraiser.  This is such a wonderful cause, especially since it hits so close to home, having a very direct impact on one of our most important Bulldogs, Mr. Jeremy Miller and his family.  Below are the events that will go along with this week.

  • Teachers pay $5 to wear jeans all week

  • Students pay $1 on Tuesday and $1 on Thursday to wear a hat each of those days

  • Speech from Mr. Jeremy Miller at the Winter Sports Banquet

  • Donations will be taken all week as well

We will also be taking donations after school at the grades 5-12 Concert on Thursday March 16.  This year the concert will be known as Melodies in the Spring.  The kids having been busting their tails and flexing their vocal chords to get ready for this.  I keep sneaking in to hear a tune here and there.  Now, I have the set list, but I have promised not to give it all away in advance, but if you are a fan of Pitch Perfect, Anna Kendricks, and “Cups” you won’t be disappointed.

To end out the week we have FFA heading off to a leadership event in Junction City on Friday the 17th.  Our FFA has really made us proud this year.  We have two seniors who have gone above and beyond many of their peers in the state this year.  Kalen Richardson and Karsyn Smith both earned state degrees and will be recognized at the district banquet.  We are so proud of these two, who have been real models for what the FFA can mold a student into.

Well things have really been happening in the world of education haven’t they.  I am sure many of you heard of the court case which showed that again the state of Kansas is not properly funding public schools.  What does this mean for us here in Linn?  That is hard to say, but I do feel I should weigh in with my thoughts.  You see, yes we could get super excited about this case, see that public education is being really looked at, but the reality is that we still have to find the money to fund schools.  This is money that we have unfortunately struggled to find as a state.  However, I have never been one to be all gloom.  I really want to point to the biggest positive that can be grabbed from this.  Public education is being looked at by the highest courts.  Public education is a focus.  Again, public education is a focus.  If public education is in everyone’s cross hairs then ultimately something will be done to change.  And, regardless of what everyone may say about those in Topeka or DC I tend to believe in the goodness of people, and if this many people are looking to change something they should ultimately find a way to change it for the good.  However I will issue this challenge to everyone.  Education is one of the fundamental blocks to a strong moral society.  If those in power do not act with the goodness I believe them to have then we must hold them accountable just as we hold ourselves, our families, our children accountable.  Just like we did in the most recent elections.

Thank you

It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!

Tyler Ayers