The Principal's Corner
"Be the change you wish to see in the world."  

Hello Bulldogs!!  I hope everyone has enjoyed another wonderful week in Washington county.  The weather has really been something to marvel at of late, and the warmth that has been felt outside has definitely been felt in Linn Public School through the joy and smiles from the students.  As we get ready to close the book on the third quarter many things have been occurring in the halls of Linn Public, and we are excited for what is to come.

To begin, this past week our musicians took their talents to Randolph to compete in the Twin Valley League music festival, hosted by Blue Valley.  Mrs. Pachta really had her students prepared.  The kids were able to go out and give some amazing performances.  The band did excellent, coming up only two points shy of receiving the highest possible marks.  Our soloist also performed exceptional as well.  Mrs. Pachta stated, about several performers, that this was the best she has heard them sound.  A huge congratulations goes out to Abigayle Snider for her 1 performance, the highest score she can receive.

This has also been a week for honoring students.  To begin, we really got rolling with our #characterchampion.  Tons of kids were “caught” being good when they thought no one was looking, and we got to have some fun celebrating their excellent character.  It warms my heart to see the kids loving being good citizens.  Also this past week we honored three of our seniors who all share the highest GPA in their class.  Kalen Richardson, Allison Duensing, and Claire Ohlde were all honored as the KU Honors Scholars of Linn High at the Axtell legion.  The school, the community, but mostly their families are so proud of these three individuals.  We know they will go far and make us all proud.

This past Friday Linn got to experience something new.  Our PTO put on a family date night.  The PTO served fresh spaghetti and showed a movie in the old gym, Zootopia.  This was a great night for Linn.  Not only did it bring a ton of people into the school for some good times, but it also helped the PTO to raise some funds to help them with a few project that are coming up.  I want to throw out a huge thank you to the PTO, especially the Herrs and Rosebaughs for their hard work.  I know there are so many more who need thank yous so please know that we here at Linn truly appreciate your work and efforts.

This past week was FFA week as well.  All week members of the FFA took part in different activities to help showcase the wonderful parts of the organization.  Monday the staff got to enjoy a wonderful breakfast.  Tuesday we were blessed to have several speakers come and share their knowledge with our students.  Wednesday and Thursday the students showed their FFA pride, and Friday was a wonderful teacher appreciation day.  Also, throughout the week the students searched high and low for a tractor that was hidden by Andy.  Seriously, I had been after kids all week to get back in class and to stop hunting for that dang tractor!  In all honesty though it was a fun event for all.  

With February, which has felt like March, actually turning over to March we begin to prepare for the end.  Next Friday the third nine weeks will be ending.  This means students will be preparing for the final stretch of the year.  In the coming week we will see FFA selections, along with the Linn Lutheran musical, and our first Dr. Suess night.  The coming week is very exciting.  I myself have loved watching the students from Linn Lutheran as they have prepared for their performances.  Dr. Suess night also looks to be a truly spandific affair.   I hope Linn is ready for Mr. Ayers in a Cat in the Hat hat!!  Please look below for a little more information on the upcoming events and times.

  • Monday 27:  First day of spring sports

  • Tuesday 28

  • Wednesday 1:  FFA Selections @ Minneapolis

  • Thursday 2:  Linn Lutheran Play Matinee @ Linn Old Gym @ 1

  • Thursday 2:  PTO Dr. Suess Night 6:30-7:30

  • Friday 3:  End of third nine weeks

Now, you may or may not have noticed that I used a very familiar style to start my article today.  I must admit that I love the movie “Good Morning Vietnam”.  There is nothing like Robin Williams regular radio sign on.  I myself have tried to bring a little bit of the jolt to my morning announcements at the school with a quick “GOOOOOOOD Morning Bulldogs.”  I also felt that I should start bringing that bit of excitement to my newspaper article.  This kinds leads me to my point a bit.  You see, I look to help every student start their day with a positive mindset.  That is why I greet every student with a smile and a good morning, give them a high five, or tell them something good about themselves.  It is also why I started saying good morning bulldogs.  As I sit at my desk and type this I want to help the community just how excited I am every day to get to come to work and be a bulldog.  I hope you all experience this as well.  Life is not always easy.  Many days I am tired.  I didn’t sleep enough, or I have some intense worry/stress.  Life does this to us all at some point or another.  But, I have found that  if I can start my day with excitement then the other parts become easier.  So, when you find that the day has worn you down, remember to say good morning bulldogs to yourself, and the rest will take care of itself.

Thank you

It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!

Tyler Ayers