The Principal's Corner
"Be the change you wish to see in the world."  

Hello Bulldogs!!  Welcome back to the Principal’s Corner.  Is winter gone for good… will it ever leave… do we live in Kansas and so asking such questions is pointless?  Likely it is the third.  Between going up to sixty or down to negative two, it has been a week filled with many costume changes.  At least we can always count on things happening at Linn Public School.

I wanted to throw a quick thank you out to the Linn FFA for hosting donkey basketball.  By all accounts it was an awesome night, filled with laughs, fun, a couple of screams, and a few bumps and bruises.  Any time we get to have people come and enjoy an experience at Linn Public School we truly enjoy it.

I also wanted to say great job to the Linn High Cheerleaders.  They performed their first organized dance of the season.  Their hard work and efforts were fully on display as they executed difficult formations.  These ladies really do deserve a hand, giving a ton of time without much celebration thrown their way, as well as their coaches, who are really building a wonderful program.

This week we will begin by finishing off one of our best celebrations of the year, 100 days of school!  Third and Fourth grade will be finishing off on Monday.  It has been so great seeing the kids engaging in such amazing activities, that has pushed their critical thinking, collaboration, and creativity to new heights.  To the educators of Linn, thank you for pushing the kiddos to new heights.

For our high school, it is time for our organizations to begin preparing for state and national contests.  On Monday, in the first step of getting to national FBLA, the Linn FBLA students will be competing in districts at Washington County.  This is the first step for these students, to help them prepare for the tough competitions at regionals.  These kids have been working very hard, and look to make Linn proud and set themselves up for a wonderful run.

Along with FBLA, or Forensics team is ready for their first tournament of the year.  The Linn High forensics team is headed to Nemaha Central High School this Saturday for their first events of the year.  Coach Wurtz is both excited and nervous.  He has been meeting and prepping these kids for weeks, and he knows the talent they all have.  He is ready to see them all in action.  Break some legs this weekend Bulldogs, we know your talent will shine through.

As some seasons get ready to take off, others get ready to end.  This Thursday the Linn High scholar’s bowl team is off to regionals.  The team has had a tough year, with a ton of matches coming down to just a single question.  This means that the team is truly ready for a huge break through at regionals.  The kids are really looking to go in and make a splash, and we are all wishing them good luck.

Before I go into a few quick thoughts, I also wanted to state that our next Site Council meeting will be next Monday, February 5th, at 6:30 in the high school library.

As I close out this week I decided I would change things up just a bit today.  As I was going through on social media over the weekend that this past Saturday was International Holocaust Remembrance Day.  As I went through and checked out the different hashtags and Facebook feeds I was reminded of a famous quote from Edmond Burke, “All that is necessary for the triumph of evil is that good men do nothing.”  This massive atrocity against the very thing that defines humanity happened not because a country was filled with evil people who wished pain upon others.  No, these people, as they are in every corner of the world even today, were in the minority.  There were very few truly evil people that pushed for this.  No, this happened because a vast majority of good people sat idly back and did nothing.  My thoughts on this were further pushed to the forefront when I watched the reports about Michigan State University and the culture of sexual assault and violence that was allowed to exist.  Not everyone preyed on women, but many good people knew what was happening and did nothing.  I began to think about our future, where we are now, what are we wanting to see.  I looked at our children and I asked a question that I don’t ask myself enough, “Are we teaching our kids to not sit idly by?”  We have many wonderful students at Linn Public School, and they are lucky enough to get to not be confronted face to face with evil.  However, we as adults know that someday they will.  When this day comes will our students be willing to stand up to evil, or will they sit back and allow it happen?

Thank you

It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!

Tyler Ayers