The Principal's Corner

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."  

Hello once again Washington county!  It’s great to be writing you this article as it signals to me just how close we are to the end of the semester.  Only a few days separate us and a couple of weeks of time with family and friends.  I truly an excited to write this column today and share with you the wonderful happenings at Linn Public School.

To begin I would like to say thank you to the community for coming out and supporting our athletes at the first home game.  The gym was rocking, and it was a wonderful environment for all who attended.  It was also a great night for the PTO as they were able to raffle off that wonderful farm set.  A special thank you goes to Sarena Rosebaugh, PTO president, and Que Herrs, builder of the farm set, for making this possible.  It was a perfect gift for the perfect time of year.

Another great happening at the school this past week was the Geography Bee, or Geo Bee as we like to call it!!!  The elementary students studied hard in preparation, and all performed incredibly well.  However, there can be only one winner and Lindsay Mueller, daughter of Rachel and Scott Mueller, took home the crown.  Congratulations to you Lindsay, you definitely earned this award.

This coming week will see our FCCLA parent’s night.  The festivities will begin at seven at the school.  The kids are very excited, and Mrs. Marcy Oehmke has been working feverishly to get things prepared.  I know that I myself am really looking forward to the event. 

Due to some of the upcoming weather we have had to cancel or reschedule a few events.  First off is the movie night being put on by the PTO.  It was scheduled to be the 17th, however with the weather they chose to reschedule.  As new dates are set the community will be informed.  Another event being moved is the conservation seeding trip for the elementary school.  Due to cold concerns we will be doing this trip in April.

As many of you know by now, I am a bit of a reflector.  I like to look back from time to time and survey the landscape.  Where were we?  Where are we now?  Do things look better or worse?  Where are we headed?  These are all the questions that I routinely like to ask, and occasionally answer.  In reflecting back on my first semester as a principal I will say that it has been a true whirlwind.  things have come and gone quicker than I could have every imagined.  At times it is hard for me to know what is coming and what is going.  I will say, that in this first semester I am especially pleased with a few things.  First I am overjoyed by the increased collaboration of the staff.  I have seen more and more conversations happening at the end of the year than the beginning.  It always makes me happy to see teachers having real conversations about how to help students.  I can also say that we are really taking a plunge with technology.  Every time I walk into a classroom I see a little more technology use than I did the time before.  I know the strength of the staff as I see them willing to take the risks necessary to integrate all of this newness.  Mostly, what pleases me the most, has been the staff and the community.  I have been truly blessed to have had my family so welcomed by everyone that I have come into contact with.  So here’s to many more reflections with the Linn Bulldogs!

And don’t forget...

Merry Christmas.  

Thank you

It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!

Tyler Ayers