The Principal's Corner

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."  

Well, we have finally reached November.  It doesn’t really feel like it, but November is officially here.  We have really stayed busy at Linn with a ton of different events occurring.

I would be remiss if I didn’t start with the elementary school and their Halloween.  The students had a wonderful day.  They got to celebrate with their classmates and then they went to the nursing home to bring some joy to others on Halloween.  They finished their day with a parade through the halls to show off their costumes.  I was so impressed with these young students and their teachers for their giving spirit. 

We also had the chance to celebrate a few of our elementary students individually.  The department of transportation awarded two students with bikes and helmets for their art work in the “Put the Brakes on Traffic Fatalities” campaign.  Another student earned a plaque from the department of transportation for her art work as part of the School Bus Safety Unit.  This student will have her art work judged at the national level as the state 5th grade winner. This young lady will be appearing with a picture in the paper soon.  A huge thank you and congratulations to these students, their parents, and Mr. Hildebrand who pushes the creativity of every student he encounters.

A big part of Linn Public School is character education.  We look to stress a word that can help build the moral capital of all of our students.  This month the word is integrity.  If you come to the school you will see this word on all of the doors of classrooms and you will hear discussions over integrity in the classrooms.  We feel that it is important that we not only produce excellent academics but also excellent human beings, in keeping with the tradition with the community.  Keeping up with this we will have a presentation from Dave Borgerding about his movement, “The Kindness Revolution”.  Both the elementary school and junior senior high will get to take part in this wonderful movement.  If you want more information you can follow it on Facebook by searching the kindness revolution.

We are also looking forward to the play “Ghost Chasers” which will be performed by the high school this coming weekend.  The students have put in a ton of work, and Mrs. Friedrichs has put them through their paces to make sure they put on a great show.  I will tell you that personally I am very excited to see this production.  The play will take place on the 11th and start at seven.  If you need dinner plans for this night the junior class will be putting on a soup supper from five to seven. 

We are also excited for our Veteran’s Day Celebration.  Several veterans have been contacted, and Mr. Miller has been working very hard to get this all finalized and put together.  The students are pumped up for this, and it truly makes me proud.  Seeing students excited about celebrating the lives and contributions of ordinary citizens shows just how grounded and sound these students are, and it shows the morals that they have been raised with.

As I look to close I want to draw everyone’s attention to something that everyone is already paying attention to, the presidential election.  Unfortunately I was not going to be able to vote on November 8th as I will be at a conference.  Because of this I took some time last week to vote early.  Now, as I have said multiple times, I will not share my feelings on the candidates for the multitude of different positions to vote for.  That is not my goal in this.  I will however say that I have seen something in our country over the past few years that legitimately upsets me.  I have seen more and more people not doing their part and voting.  Yes, I prefer one person over the other, but that isn’t what is important.  What is important is that we all go out and make our voices heard.  I have seen a ton of rhetoric this year about how certain people are not respecting our military and those who have served because they have not stood for our flag.  However, I feel the most disrespectful thing that millions of Americans are guilty of is the fact that they do not vote.  They fail to respect the initial fight that brought about this nation, they fail to respect the men and women who gave their lives so that we can continue to elect our representatives.  This is the basic responsibility of every American, and the fact that people do not take part is the true sign of disrespect for our nation and flag.  So I ask you, on November 8th, to stop complaining, stop posting to Facebook your rants, and go do your part.  Make your voice truly heard and go out and vote.

Thank you

It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!

Tyler Ayers