The Principal's Corner
"Be the change you wish to see in the world."  

Hello Bulldogs!!  Welcome back to the Principal’s Corner.  It is getting chilly in Washington county, and we are doing everything we can to stay warm, we hope you are too.  It is a good thing that activities are really heating up at Linn Public, which makes it really hard to worry about the cold.

First off we need to make an announcement.  Currently winter “Meet the Bulldogs” is scheduled for Friday at 6:30. After speaking with officers from the Bulldog Backers we have found that we have a conflict with a major religious trip for many of our students.  Because of this we will be moving our “Meet the Bulldogs” to another date.  Us at Linn Public, and the Bulldog Backers both believe that it is important that our students are both celebrated and get the opportunity to participate in the many experiences that enrich their lives.  When a new date is selected we will let everyone know.

This past Friday evening was the school play.  As I expected, it was wonderful.  The students showed incredible commitment to their roles, and they created a truly enjoyable experience for everyone who attended.  Thank you cannot be said enough to Mrs. Friedrichs.  This labor of love is truly incredible.  Her desire to continue to inspire creativity in our students through the arts is truly amazing.  Along with Mrs. Friedrichs, I really want to thank the community.  With cold temperatures and a building that is not fully heated it would be easy to not make it in.  However, we had a strong crowd.  It was great to see so many people come out to support and celebrate the students.

I also want to take a brief moment and thank the many veterans in the Washington County area.  We held our annual Veteran’s Day ceremony on Monday.  First, amazing job to Mrs. Pachta and the LHS band.  You performed amazingly well, and all in attendance saw your hard work.  Thank you to Mr. Cook and the senior class for continuing this amazing presentation.  It is one we hope to carry out for years to come.  Also, thank you to Jim Mueller for such an amazing and impassioned speech.  Your life is one we should all learn from and hope to emulate.  Thank you veterans.  Thank you to those who made it today, to those who couldn’t, to those who have been lost along the way, and to those who never made it home.  Thank you for your selfless sacrifice.  To all active duty and veterans, we at Linn say thank you.

On Tuesday night we will have our fall sports banquet at seven.  This will be a wonderful night; in which we will be able to look back on the many accomplishments of our student athletes.  Not only will we celebrate our current students, we will also get to hear from an amazing former student.  Mr. Tim Winter, current superintendent of the Wamego school district, will be giving the key note speech.  We hope you are able to come out and celebrate the students with us, and so we can partake in some very amazing potluck food!!

Also coming up next week is the annual dairy judging competition.  On November 16 students from all over the area will be flooding to Linn to test their knowledge and prowess in breaking down the many aspects of dairy life.  I remember last year just how crazy this day was.  I’m super excited for Mr. Smith and his FFA crew.  Our students have already had an amazing start to the FFA season, winning state in land judging.  I’m looking forward to once again showcase the great ag tradition of Linn Public, and hopefully our FFA students will have some great dominance once again.

Now, you may or may not know this, but our theme this year is “Tomorrow Begins Today”.  The focus being that everything we do here is to help prepare our students for when they leave us.  Post-secondary success begins while students are still in school, so we have made a big push to ensure that students are being successful tomorrow by working hard today.  With that in mind we will be hosting a college student panel on November 21 from one to two in the library.  This panel is made up of former students who have graduated high school in the past few years and are enrolled in either a four-year university, community college, or tech school.  They will be speaking with the current seniors as well as any juniors who sign up.  I am really looking forward to see what kind of information these former Linn students will be able to provide to our current students.  Their experiences, successes, and failures should be excellent inspiration to all of the Linn students.  I just want to give a thank you to these alumni for being so gracious with their time, and being willing to pass their knowledge on to others.

As this week comes and ends we now must turn our attention to Thanksgiving and our families.  Although this is such a busy time for our students and the staff of Linn Public, we are now moving towards a different focus with Thanksgiving, family.  I hope everyone who reads this article has a wonderful holiday, and gets the opportunity to share fond times with friends and families.

Well, with the start of the basketball season coming up I want to share some good thoughts about a young individual who has really stepped up and is making a great mark on the Linn school system.  Kaitlin Ohlde, a member of the graduating class of 2017, is our new Junior High girls’ basketball coach.  Now, agreeing to come and coach is not in of itself remarkable.  We have had many coaches come and go, even when we were very in need.  However, what has made Kaitlin such a wonderful addition to our school has been what I have seen from her already.  Watching her coach these young ladies is amazing.  These girls look not just focused, but also fierce.  Kaitlin has come in and is raising not only the athletic bar, but also the bar for what is expected of a young woman at Linn.  Thank you Kaitlin for coming in and being an amazing role model for our young women.  Keep up the great work.

Thank you

It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!

Tyler Ayers