The Principal's Corner

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."  

Hello again.  I am glad to be back communicating with the community once again.  As always we have a ton coming up over the next week, and I am super excited for your continued support of the school. 

To begin we will have our concession stand sign up Monday at 3:45 in the library.  This is a great opportunity for organizations to earn some extra money during the sports season. 

We are also excited to celebrate our fall sports on Tuesday as we have our sports banquets.  It was so much fun getting to be a part of the athletic efforts of our junior/senior high students.  This will be an excellent opportunity for us all to look back and reflect. 

In terms of reflecting I had an amazing time sitting with students in fifth and sixth grade this past week as they presented reports over a couple of novels.  The creativity they displayed in re telling each novel was awe-inspiring.  I was so impressed with their efforts. 

Our elementary school has also been working hard to establish our parent teacher organization.  Seeing people excited about getting in and helping our students is one of the reasons why I came back to the small town.  I remember how the school was important to everyone, and how everyone saw its success as their responsibility.  The PTO will be meeting on the 17th in the lunch room.  Speak with Sarena Rosebaugh.

Our high school scholar’s bowl team has gotten off to a strong start.  They finished 3rd in their first meet.  This was an impressive feat given the number of teams and level of competition that they faced.  They have this week off, but they will be back in action next week before Thanksgiving.

An important date change!!  The Winter Meet The Bulldogs has been moved.  It will not be the 18th as originally scheduled.  It has been moved to the first home game of the season, December 13th.  The athletes will be introduced prior to playing their varsity contests. 

This is a neat occurrence, as we will also be broadcasting this game live across local cable providers and the internet through News Channel Nebraska.

November 11, 2016 was a truly amazing day at Linn Public School.  A presentation honoring the veterans of the community took place.  I realize that this event has taken place for several years here, but this was my first opportunity to experience it.  Wow!!!  What an experience it was.  I was so moved by the veterans, their accomplishments, the community support, the work of the students and faculty, and the stories that I heard.  This was truly a moving day for everyone involved.  I want to thank the community at large, Mr. Miller and Mrs. Pachta for their hard work, the Linn choir and band for their amazing performances, the senior class for the extra work they put in, and most of all the veterans for their service.  To put it simply, thank you.

Thinking of the stories of these men I am drawn in to even deeper thought.  Many of these veterans told me tales of how they were poorly treated when they returned home from war.  It breaks my heart to hear these stories.  Regardless of your political leanings these men gave up comfort and safety in order to provide it to another.  That is something that should always be respected. 

Thank you

It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!

Tyler Ayers