The Principal's Corner
"Be the change you wish to see in the world."  

Hello Bulldogs!!  It took a little bit, but it appears as if fall is finally making its arrival.  The weather is switching colder and leaves are going from glorious green to colors more suited for the season.  Which also means we will soon be raking our yards again!!  But, before that work comes in let’s take a look at what has been happening here at Linn.

First off we have to do some celebrating.  Yes, Linn is once again the home of champions.  Our FFA Land Judging team won the state title at Riley County last week.  They faced some very tough competition, but they were able to just barely edge out rival and county opponent Washington County.  So excited for both the kids and Mr. Smith.  This group has been so driven to represent Linn well and well is exactly what they have done.  A huge special congratulation also must be given to Evan Bott.  He placed first individually.  His work ethic and desire to excel have really helped set him apart from the competition.  This team will now have the opportunity to go to Oklahoma City the first week of May and compete at the national competition.  Good luck and congratulations to all of you!!!

Now, the dentist is never something that anyone looks forward to, but we also all know the importance of healthy teeth.  The health of our mouths can impact so much of our overall health, and learning the skills for healthy teeth at a young age is very important.  This is why we worked with Konza Community Health and Dental Center.  Last month this group came in and did screenings on every elementary student.  They came back this week to do more procedures on students whose families wanted these additional services.  I really want to thank Konza for working with us because by being able to teach students about personal health, and catching small problems early we will build a much healthier community.

With October here it also means that it is almost time for parent teacher conferences.  This is a reminder that Linn Public will be holding parent teacher conferences on October 17, and 19 from 4-7:30.  Elementary teachers should be contacting you soon to set up meetings.  Jr. Sr. high will be in the gym again this year and will be available at this time.  We hope to see everyone here over these two days.  We are looking to create strong lines of communication with the parents of Linn, and we really look forward to seeing you here.

Another new experience for the students at Linn High is a trip to Endicott industries.  Mr. Voelker is constantly looking for ways to help students find a path that will lead to success after school.  Through that vision he was able to contact Endicott and they will be hosting a day for Linn students to come and see the many options available to someone depending on their level of education.  This will be a great way for some of our students to continue working on finding their path to success.

Lastly it is almost time for the Linn School Carnival.  The school carnival will be on October 24 and be in the school’s new gym.  The teachers are already working hard to get things ready, and we all hope you are able to come out and enjoy the fun, games, and books!  We hope to see you all out there.

As we come to a close on this weeks’ article I want to reflect on my past weekend.  I went with my family to a pumpkin patch outside of Kansas City.  The patch itself wasn’t anything more than any other, but as I watched my daughter try to work her way through vines and then reach back for my hand so that she could lead me I was reminded of how valuable our time with our family really is.  So much of our lives is spent somewhere away from the ones we love most.  We give everything we have to a job that helps us provide for the ones we love, but also takes our energy that we would rather spend on them.  As I think back on this past weekend I simply want to smile and remember just how precious that time was.  For, I know that soon those moments will no longer happen.  Soon she will be grown and gone out into the world.  As we go through this week keep your love for your family and smile at the moments.  Those smiles are why we are here.

Thank you

It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!

Tyler Ayers