The Principal's Corner
"Be the change you wish to see in the world."  

Hello Bulldogs!!  I am glad to be writing to you all once again.  A lot has happened in our community and world recently.  I hope to bring a little excitement into your day as we go through what has been, and what will be.

To begin we need to congratulate our Linn FFA members.  Isn’t it amazing that during national FFA week we get to celebrate our FFA.  Not only did our Land Judging team get first, but we also had the first place individual, Evan Bott, and third place individual, Aaron Stuenkel.  These are such amazing young students.  They have put in a ton of work honing their skills, and because of that they were able to dominate the competition.  They will be heading to state, and we hope that they continue their success.

We also have to thank our PTO.  This past Friday was so much fun for everyone who attended.  A movie night on the football field was just such a fun time.  I saw a ton of pictures, and even though I could not personally attend it looked like everyone who was there had a great time.  As you know, I love seeing big groups come together and just enjoy being together as a community.  Thank you Linn PTO for reminding us that our times together are what matter the most.

The coming week will be a great deal of fun for both our elementary school and Jr./Sr. High.  First off, Tuesday was great fun with the Walk a Thon.  We truly appreciate our wonderful relationship with the nursing home, and helping those who helped to build our community.  It was a ton of fun just getting to take a few minutes and help raise a little money for the wonderful Music and Memory program.  I hope we get to continue doing this amazing work for years to come.

Also coming we have our sophomores who are heading to Cloud County Community College.  Hopefully these sophomores understand the great opportunity they have to learn about the world after high school.  We truly understand the importance of post-secondary at Linn.  Everything we do here is to get students ready to be productive and happy adults.  I look forward to seeing these students and talking about the plans that they are making because of what they learned about today. 

As much as we like to think about the future it is also fun to step into the past.  With that in mind our seniors will be heading to the Renaissance Festival in Kansas City this weekend.  This is without a doubt one of my favorite events.  I hope the seniors take this opportunity to have some fun and get out of their comfort zones.  So for all of our seniors I hope you enjoy your time and make sure you are practicing your cheesy British accents.

As I get ready to close I feel it is important that we take a look at the recent events that have transpired in Las Vegas.  In a matter of moments over fifty innocent individuals lost their lives.  They were sons, daughters, fathers, mothers, friends, ultimately they were people who were loved.  Ultimately, there are countless people who have had their worlds shaken to a point few of us understand.  And, no matter how you color it, this is because of hate and terror.  Someone chose that causing pain and terror was a better option than to create love and friendship.  I honestly, for the first time, have lost a little bit of hope in the world.  I feel like we just keep seeing these events of immense pain, and no matter how awful it is we will not come together.  I am worried that we are becoming a people who are more concerned with being the loudest, the meanest, with putting someone beneath us than we are with making the world better for our children.  As I sit here, searching for what to say to make things better I realize that I can’t.  I can’t take away the pain.  I can’t fix these problems.  I can’t, but “we” can.  Nothing will get better until we realize that it is not about “I” but rather “we”.  So, as you go forward, keep thinking about others.  Although evil will exist, and our places of safety shrink, keep thinking of others.  For until we create a worldwide movement that puts others above self then we will see no changes.  Be safe everyone and keep your loved ones close in your heart.

Thank you

It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!

Tyler Ayers