The Principal's Corner
"Be the change you wish to see in the world."  

Hello Bulldogs!!  Welcome back to the Principal’s Corner.  I am sure the students enjoyed the long weekend, and I’m sure many parents both enjoyed the extra time with their families but were happy to be reminded we will be having a full week this week!  With both football and volleyball season officially over we now move to the next chunk of the year.  Yes, we are full in fall and soon it will be winter.  It seems like just yesterday we were running from the heat of August, and now we are bundling up with everything we own!  This week allows for a little bit of downtime for the students of Linn Public while we get ready for the next string of activities, but still there is a bunch to talk about.

To begin, we will have our annual Halloween parade for our elementary students.  At 1:51 our students will parade through the old gym allowing everyone to celebrate their creativity and spirit for the season.  We are looking forward to having the kids have a wonderful time and enjoy all that Halloween has to offer.  Along with that our FBLA will be out getting donations for pennies for patients on Halloween night.  I continue to be amazed by how much the students of Linn are willing to step up and help out those less fortunate.  As we look at what we want our students to be, giving, compassionate, and selfless are at the top of the list.  These are what will allow our students to lead the world moving forward.

Along with this we have a few house keeping things going on to get us ready for the upcoming sports seasons.  Our junior high girls will have a parent meeting this Thursday at six.  This will be a great opportunity to welcome in new coach Kaitlin Ohlde.

We also will see the Scholar’s Bowl season getting ramped up.  Our scholars will be heading to Valley Heights this Monday, and hopefully we will be able to have our usual strong showing against some stiff competition.  Last year was tough for this group as they came up just short for state, but in looking at them they are hungry to come back even stronger than last year and forge ahead.

Now, this isn’t something happening this week, but next week we have one of our biggest artistic nights.  Please remember that our many thespians will be performing “How the Other Half Dies” twice next week.  The first will be a matinee at one on Wednesday and their big show will be next Friday the tenth at seven.  The kids have worked so hard this year, and we have seen a huge amount of interest.  This is a great testament to both Mrs. Friedrichs and the importance of the arts here at Linn.  I am so excited to see the show as last year really was a blast.  I know the kids will be amazing, and I’m sure it will be another packed house.  So, my advice is get here early!

It is now time for my good news spotlight.  Last year our cheer squad at the high school level saw some ebbs and flows in terms of interest.  Because of that our girls had a hard time doing all they had wanted.  This year, thanks in large part to two individuals, we have seen a great renewed interest in cheer leading, and the spirit they produce has definitely been seen.  I want to shine the good news spotlight this week on Janelle Wohler and Kay Schaefer.  Thank you two for not only getting the interest in cheer back up, but also for helping to re-invigorate some community spirit while also holding high standards for our young ladies.  They are growing into great young role models!

Thank you

It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!

Tyler Ayers