The Principal's Corner

"Be the change you wish to see in the world."  

Happy Halloween!!!  I hope everyone enjoyed the holiday in a safe manner.  I do love these holidays, where a community is given the chance to all be together, but I also always fear that something could happen.

Things have slowed down a little bit at Linn Public this past week.  A couple weekends ago our volleyball season wrapped up in a wild fashion.  I know losing is hard, but the entire community should be proud of these young women.  I boys also finished up their season on the road.  It was a very enjoyable start to the sports season.  Now our athletes will shift their attention to basketball.

FCCLA has already been hard at work getting kids involved in the Music and Memory program.  The students have been trained, and they are now going over to the nursing home regularly.  The smiles on their faces is one of the many things that makes this job worthwhile.  It shows us that these students have learned the true value of helping others.

FFA has returned home!  Their time, as described by them, in Indianapolis was a blast.  They enjoyed the many sights and sounds of the conference.  Early reports back show that these young men and women did an amazing job representing the Bulldogs and Linn community.  Their many pictures will be on Facebook and Twitter later this week. 

I want to say a quick thank you to the community for showing up to support the school at the carnival/book fair.  It was such a hoping place that night.  I loved seeing families able to get out and have such a fun loving time.  The teachers also really appreciated it, because unofficial reports show that they raised over $1,000 at this single event.  So thank you again for being a part of our school and showing the support that is the hallmark of the Linn community.

We had a great time at our most recent pep rally.  The kids love these events, especially when trophies are handed out, but seeing community members at these events is also wonderful.  The kids really appreciated everyone showing up to root them on.

Along that same line we have had some students earn some awards.  Two young ladies earned bikes last week for their artwork about putting breaks on traffic accidents.  Another young lady has been honored with a plaque from the department of transportation for her calendar artwork.  This work is so good that her work is now being judged at the national level.

As harvest comes to a close I want to take a moment to reflect back on the time that has passed.  Any time we come to such a natural change in time I have always thought it important to look back on our actions, and judge their effectiveness.  Just as a farmer looks back on harvest and the crop he has sent to be sold, he looks and thinks, could I have planted better, was my yield what I had hoped for, could I harvest more efficiently?  I too look back on the seeds that are being sown here at Linn Public School.  Are they learning what they need to in order to succeed in a competitive market?  Do they have the toughness to keep fighting when time gets hard?  Are they showing the values that the community finds important?  Are they young men and women who we will look back on and smile?  All these are questions that I constantly ponder.  I wonder if the actions we are taking are leading us to yes.  Such thoughts led me to ponder the realities of temptation, because as I wondered about these things I began to realize that soon many of the students will leave the safety of our community for a broad and dangerous world.  I wonder whether or not they will resist the temptations that could lead them off of their current path.  I was speaking with a senior the other day.  This student is a wonderful young adult.  The potential they have is something that is truly awe inspiring.  This student has gifts that surely need to be shared with the world.  As I spoke with this individual I was reminded of myself.  I then thought of the many things that quickly sprang up in my life that attempted to move me from a path that I wanted.  I feared for this young man.  I hope he is better able to fight than I was.  I hope he is able to find his place in this world with as much ease as is possible.  So as I sit and come to the conclusion for this week I want to reflect back over my almost decade in education.  In this moment I know not every student has found success, but I hope, I truly hope that in working with these students I did enough to give them the tools to say afloat in an ocean filled with dangers.  One thing about being in Linn is that when students walk out of the school every day I know that they are going home to someone who holds those same fears too, and is helping to prepare that child even more than we are.

Thank you

It’s a great day to be a Bulldog!

Tyler Ayers