General Rules and Courtesies :)

General Rules and Courtesies

I am usually here from 8 a.m. until 4 p.m. most days.  Please check with me if you need help or have any questions.  If you need to work on a project, please ask me the day before if you want to stay just in case I have an appointment and won’t be able to help you the night you want to stay.

1.  Bottled drinks with lids are okay.  MAKE SURE YOU THROW YOUR TRASH AWAY!

2.  The equipment is expensive.  Treat it like your own (break it and it may be.)

3.  Be respectful of others; Keep your hands to yourself!  Any form of fighting will win you a trip to the office.  Pick up after yourself—points will be deducted from your grade for papers left laying around that I or the custodian has to pick up after you.

4.  Supplies:  Notebook….Pencil or Pen…YOUR PLANNER!

5.  BE ON TIME—and come prepared to work the full class period.  Habitual tardiness will earn you detention and loafing will earn you an “F”.

6.  Computer Training is a team sport…some quiet visiting with a neighbor pertaining to the work we are doing is acceptable. Loudness or unnecessary chatter will not be tolerated as it disturbs others and disrupts concentration.  Please be thoughtful!

7.  There is to be NO downloading or installing programs on the computers because it results on a drain on our network and/or hard drive space and can bring viruses into our system. Also ask before you use any disks or drives you bring from home.

8.  No email or Internet use during regular class time unless you have free time AND permission from the teacher (that includes subs).

9.  If you bring your book bag to class it MUST be kept under the counter—NOT in the middle of the floor or on the table.

10. SPELLCHECK!!!! It will cost you points not to.

11. Cell phones are NOT allowed and your phone will be confiscated if used in class.

** In general—Read your Student Planner—all rules which are listed in the planner will be enforced in this class.

Cheating---DON’T!!!  Cheating will result in 0 points for the particular assignment(s).  If another student is involved as a “helper” in the cheating process, their points will also be reduced to 0 for the assignment(s).

Above all—Keep Smiling!

Attitude is everything!

We will have a great year if everyone understands we have a job to do and 

Keeps a positive attitude each and every day!