7-12 Band Syllabus

Marilyn Pachta, Band Director
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This course is open to all junior high and high school students who have played an instrument for at least two years. This band will perform in local parades and at home football and basketball games as well as regional and sub state games if possible. We may also participate at the K.S.U. Band Day parade and football game. This band will perform a variety of music including but not limited to pep band music, contest literature and concert literature at varying levels of difficulty.  
We will have several concerts throughout the year as well as participate in different music contests. Attendance at our performances is a major part of the student’s grade. Missing a performance will result in a serious grade reduction. Attitude, effort, and behavior of the student will be used to determine the student’s grade.

Learning/Developmental Goal
This course is designed to meet Kansas state standards for music. Kansas state standards can be found at: www.ksde.org

Learning Outcome
Students in 7-12 band will demonstrate a mastery of the state standards for music using formal and informal assessments along with teacher observation.


Linn 7-12 Band Handbook 2015 - 2016

Welcome to the 2015-2016 school year! I had a great summer and I hope you all did too. We had a great turnout for all of our parades this summer. We will march in the Palmer Labor Day Parade on Mon. Sept. 7th and then we will march in the KSU Band Day Parade on Sat. Sept 19th to end our marching season. We were the biggest band in the area parades and I have received lots of positive comments from community members about how great you all looked and sounded in the parades. So, let’s keep those positive comments coming and make this another great year! I hope your time in Band will be exciting, rewarding and fun. I hope that we will be a positive representation of our great school and the great communities we come from.   

Our band can only continue to be the best if we all work together. I challenge you to be a productive member of our 7-12 Linn Band and help make it better because of your hard work & commitment. Let’s make the L.H.S. Band the BEST BAND in the area!! 


Rehearsal Procedures 

1.  All rehearsals must start on time. You need to have your music, stand & horn ready 4 minutes after the tardy bell rings.  If you are tardy the office will be notified of this and Mr. Savage will visit with you about the tardy.  If you are tardy from another class, bring a pass with you from that teacher.                                                        

2.  All members are responsible for their equipment; this includes music, flip folders, reeds, valve or T-bone slide oil & a pencil.  All students will be responsible for putting away stands etc.  This is especially important because I have grade school classes immediately following 7-12 Band.                                                                                                  

3.  Homework from other classes is not to be worked on during band class. After the first warning if the student continues to do homework from other classes in Band the homework will be taken away from the student and not returned to the student until the end of the hour. 

4.  I will not be keeping track of student practice time as I used to do in 5th and 6th grade band.  It will be on the honor system.  I feel strongly that the best way for our band to improve is for each student to practice their music at home. New band students really need to practice especially in the beginning of the year.  We have over 50 songs in our pep folders so time spent practicing at home will really help you learn the music faster. Parents, please encourage your students to practice at home even though they do not have to turn their practice time in.  Practicing at home will help them improve and help our band be the best it can be!   

5.  Disruptive behavior will not be allowed. This includes excessive talking during rehearsals. Excessive talking wastes time; my time, yours and the other band members. Your grade will be determined by your daily behavior in class. Everyone does not GET an A just for being in Band. YOU need to earn your grade in Band. Your behavior determines your grade! If I am constantly asking you to be quiet, if you bother other students, or if you do not take care of the schools’ music equipment, you will not be receiving a high daily grade. This in turn will hurt your overall 9 weeks grade. 

6.  Your attendance at concerts is also a requirement for all 7-12 band students. You will automatically be deducted one letter grade for an unexcused absence from a concert. 

7.  Attendance at all pep band performances is also required for all HIGH SCHOOL BAND MEMBERS in order to earn your band letter.  The ONLY time you are excused from playing at a pep band performance (HIGH SCHOOL BAND MEMBERS) is if you are suited up for a game.  If you are a manager, camera person or working concessions, it is your responsibility to get someone to cover your duties for you so that you can play with the Band.

8.  The Junior High students will not be earning a band letter nor will their grade be affected by missing pep band performances but they are strongly encouraged to play at all the pep band performances.  Our band really needs all of the 7-12 students together to make a great sound.  PLEASE try to make all the performances if you can. I will ask that anytime a Junior High student CANNOT play at a pep band performance that the parents send me a note in writing that week so that I can plan accordingly. I realize they have their own games and homework etc. but if at all possible I want the Junior High Band members to be at all our home games. As a reward for playing at the High School games the Junior High Band members will be allowed in free when they play in the pep band.              

9. Study Day - In the past I have had some students who for various reasons wanted to use band class time to work on other homework or get help from a teacher to catch up on missed assignments. In order to be fair to all students I have decided to follow this policy for “study days”. Each student in band may use up to three “study days” in a SEMESTER to complete homework or get help from another teacher, etc.  IF a student abuses this “study time”, (goofs off instead of studying for example) that student will lose “study day” privileges for the rest of the year.  Only three students will be allowed to take a study day at one time. This also applies to students who stay at Linn Lutheran to catch up on homework, if they do not come over for band it will be counted as a “study day” too. This time is not to be used as an excuse for not doing homework at home, it is meant as a time to get help from teachers or to complete special projects etc.


Students will be required to take care of their dress uniform.  If it becomes excessively dirty the student will pay for the dry cleaning.  The student must have black shoes & black socks to complete the uniform.  We will wear the uniforms for K-State Band Day, our winter concerts, state contest & other formal occasions. The shoes do not need to be fancy, but they need to be as BLACK as possible.  I know this can be a problem, but please try to get shoes as black as possible.  We have very nice uniforms with black slacks, and black shoes are necessary to complete our uniforms.  



In order to letter in band a 9 -12 students must be a member of the band for the entire year. Lettering in Band is not automatic! You must earn your letter in Band just like you earn a letter in sports. YOU EARN YOUR LETTER BY YOUR ATTENDANCE AT ALL  CONCERTS, CONTESTS, AND ALL PEP BAND PERFORMANCES. 

Two unexcused tardies will count as an unexcused absence. An unexcused absence will result in the loss of the letter. It is the student’s responsibility to clear absences as far in advance as possible with the director. If a student is ill, the parent must notify the director before the performance. Excused absences will be for such things as a student being gone with parents for an important event, (not shopping), or school sponsored activities such as field trips etc.  Keeping stats or video taping or working concessions ARE NOT considered valid reasons for excused absences. Working will also not be considered an excused absence. The calendar of our events is listed in this handbook, look it over and make your plans accordingly. Lettering in band is an extra recognition for participation in all band performances. If you do not make the commitment to be at every event we play at, you will not be awarded the Band Letter.



The school has a limited number of school instruments available for students to use, a rental fee may be charged for using a school horn. Students are highly encouraged, if possible, to purchase their own instrument at the end of 6th grade band if they are going to continue in band in high school. Students using school horns will be responsible for damage to instruments because of abuse or neglect.  The band director and or the instrument repair professional will determine if they feel the damage to an instrument was because of abuse or neglect.
Students are responsible for supplying their own valve oil, cork grease, reeds etc. The student will also be required to pay for all lost or torn music.  The cost will be set at $1.00 per page of music that is lost or torn.  All checks for music bills need to be made out to the high school.

If you have any questions about band, how I grade, my expectations or anything else, please contact me. I look forward to a successful learning adventure in band with your student!

                                                       Marilyn Pachta                   




4th - Home Football Game

7th – Palmer Labor Day Parade

19th - KSU Band Day

25th Home Football Game

9th - Home Football Game

23rd - Home Football Game

3rd – Football Bi-Districts

7th – Football Regionals

13th – Football Sub-state

21st – State Football Championship


1st    K-6 Music Program 7:00 pm

15th Home Basketball Game


5th Home Basketball

8th - Home Basketball Game 

26th - Home Basketball Game 

29th - Home Basketball Game


12th - Home Basketball Game

16th – Home Basketball Game

24th - TVL Music @ Onaga

29th - Sub-State Basketball

1st - 5th Sub-state Basketball

9th - 12th State Basketball Tournament

28th – 5th/6th and 7/12 Band and Choir Concert 7:00 p.m.

2nd - Regional Music Solos and Small Ensemble Contest

13th - State Music Large Group Competition 

23rd - State Solo & Small Ensemble Contest


30th - Memorial Day Program

Please print this handbook and sign that you have read and understood the Linn 7-12 Band Handbook and the rules contained in it.