Course Descriptions

Nutrition and Wellness (yearlong class)

The quality lifestyle impacts physical, emotional, and social health on a daily basis.  The choices made today will affect life expectancy, reproductive health, and risk factors for disease.  The ability to completely plan strategies for choosing, acquiring, preparing, and storing will affect overall health and wellness. Managing resources to achieve personal and family goals; making informed consumer decisions; creating financial stability; and maintaining a healthy living environment.

  • ¯ Study the long term and short term effects of lifestyles choices.
  • ¯ Relate nutrients and the new MyPlate to health and other related topics.
  • ¯ Assess personal food intake.
  • ¯ Relate physical wellness to overall wellness.
  • ¯ Study safety in the kitchen and in food handling.
  • ¯ Plan nutritious food labs individually and in groups.
  • ¯ Complete food labs properly.
  • ¯ Define and classify needs and wants.
  • ¯ Make short term and long term goals.
  • ¯ Research a possible career and develop job seeking strategies.
  • ¯ Practice good communication skills.
  • ¯ Create a personal budget that reflects fixed, flexible, and periodic expenses.
  • ¯ Discuss advantages and disadvantages of credit and credit cards.
  • ¯ Follow proper laundry procedures and minor sewing skills.
  • ¯ Apply basic decorating skills.


Intro to FACS (yearlong course)

This is a comprehensive course to help students meet the challenges of their daily lives with confidence.  Students will learn basic information and practical skills related to such topics as interpersonal and family relationships, career preparation, life management, healthy living, foods and nutrition, clothing, and housing.

  • ¯ FCCLA and its programs.
  • ¯ Personal development and positive relationships.
  • ¯ Life management skills.
  • ¯ Foods and nutrition and meal management.
  • ¯ Housing and interiors.
  • ¯ Career research.
  • ¯ Clothing care – wardrobe planning, shopping for clothes, laundering steps.
  • ¯ Field trip to fabric store.
  • ¯ Construct one garment.
  • ¯ Participate in spring fashion show.
  • ¯ Housing – personal needs, decorating, caring for the home.


Career and Community Connections (yearlong course)

This class will focus on the multiple life roles and responsibilities in family, work, and community settings and provide opportunities for students to participate in the community setting. Career and Community Connections is the Application level course for the student to apply technical skills in a professional learning experience, unpaid or paid, outside or within the school environment.

  • ¯ Develop and finalize the student’s portfolio.
  • ¯ Set SMART Goals.
  • ¯ Complete college scholarships
  • ¯ Attend community meetings.
  • ¯ Complete interest surveys online
  • ¯ Research careers.
  • ¯ Job shadow.
  • ¯ Participate in team building activities.
  • ¯ Acquire job-seeking skills and work ethics needed to advance within the workplace.