Classroom Guidelines

FACS Classroom Guidelines
Mrs. Oehmke

1. Be on time to class with the needed supplied for the hour: text, pen/pencil, notebook, and assignments. Be prepared to start working when the bell rings.

2. Planners are required. They are your pass. If you need to go somewhere at the beginning of the hour, get your planner signed beforehand.

3. Assignments need to have the following information at the top of the page: name, class, page numbers, and the date due. Assignments are due on day assigned. Late work will be accepted but will receive reduced credit.  Grading Scale: 

91%- 100% A
82%-90% B
73%-81% C
64%-72% D

4. Gum or hard candy is ok unless they become a problem.

5. No one is allowed to go the cupboards and refrigerator and help themselves to food that is there.

6. Handbook rules apply.

7. I am available for questions before and after school.

8. Work to do your best in all that you do.

9. Treat everyone with respect, be responsible, and be ready to work when you come to class.

10. Foods Classes-
On lab days, everyone needs to be here on time, ready to work
Safety and cleanliness are very important!
Will always tie hair back, put on an apron and wash your hands before any lab begins.
Everyone will be assigned jobs.
Kitchens will be cleaned thoroughly with everything put away before a lab is complete. No one leaves the lab until all work is done.

11. Sewing Classes-
All students sewing garments will be in the Fashion Show at the end of the year.
Keep all your supplies and equipment in your tote trays.The tub and sewing kit should be marked with your name.
Treat sewing machines with care so they continue to work well.
Put everything away before the end of the hour.

12. There is a sign-up sheet by the door for any equipment or supplies that are taken out of my room. Fill it out completely. This helps me keep track of my supplies. When the items are returned, they should be cleaned and put away in the proper place.