Classroom Guidelines

DNA       Science         Planet


1. Bring the following to class every day 

A. Science Textbook & Chromebook (Fully Charged)
B. 1 pencil & 1 pen (black or blue ink)
C. Notebook – Narrow or College rule @ least 200 pages or 3 Ring Binder
D. Any assignments due that day
E. Your Planner
F. Colored Pencils
G. Go to the Restroom & get a drink of water before you come to class

2. Tardiness will be dealt with according to school policy

3. Absences and Assignments:
A. No late assignments accepted
B. If you are absent (excused absence), you need to make up missed assignments as soon as possible.  Exams, labs, quizzes, research papers, projects will be due the day you come back to school.
C. If you know in advance you will be gone, your assignments are due be before you leave.
D. If you are absent, it is your responsibility to find out what your assignments are.

4. Class Atmosphere:
A. Address the entire class when you speak
B. Be courteous and pay attention to the speaker

5. Grading Scale:
The grade you earn will be based on your performance on homework, labs, lab
reports, quizzes, tests, vocabulary words, worksheets, participation in class,
group & individual projects, & bringing your planner & journal.

The following grading scale will be used:

100% - 90% A
89% - 80% B
79% - 70% C
69% - 60% D
59% & Below F