Mrs. Diane Friedrichs

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Language Arts Teacher

Oral Communications (Freshman Speech)

English II

English III

English IV

English IV/Composition I and Composition II

Speech and Drama (Forensics) Coach

Thespians Sponsor

High School Play Director


Contact Information: 

School Phone: 1-785-348-5531


Daily Schedule

Time Subject
1st Period/8:15 - 9:07 English II
2nd Period/9:10 - 9:58 English III
3rd Period/10:01 - 10:49 English III
4th Period/10:52 - 11:41 English IV/Composition I and II
Lunch/11:41 - 12:06 Lunch
5th Period/12:09 - 12:57 Oral Communications
6th Period/1:00 - 1:48 Plan
7th Period/1:51 - 2:39 Study Hall
8th Period/2:42 - 3:30 Oral Communications