Social Studies Syllabus

Course Name:  Second Grade Social Studies
Instructor Name:  Deanna Kolle
Contact Information:
      Call 348-5531 to schedule a conference before or after school.

Course Description:  
We will be using Harcourt People We Know Textbook Level 2, videos, and trade books.  This course is designed to introduce basic social studies concepts in the areas of civics-government, economics, geography, Kansas, United States and World History on a second grade level.

Learning/Developmental Goals:
This course is designed to meet Kansas state standards for 2nd grade social studies.   Kansas state standards may be found at:

Learning Outcome:
The student will demonstrate mastery of the state standards using formal and informal assessments along with teacher observation.

Instructional Units:

Unit 1 –Governing The People
*Identify Citizens in a Community.
*Explain how to Solve a Problem
*Discuss Point of View
*Explain Government for The People
*Citizenship Skills-- Voting
*Explain Our Country's Government
*Compare State & Community Governements
*Read a Map Key

Unit 2 –The World Around Us
*Identify Map Locations
*Use Map Grids
*Read a Landform Map
*Read a Chart and Table
*Identify North America
*Identify Seasons & Climate
*Look at World Regions
*Find Directions on a Map

Unit 3 –Using Our Resources
*Identifying Land & Water Resources
*Read a Picture Graph
*Explaining Why People Settle Areas
*Explain How We change Environments
*Reading A Product Map
*Explaining How Communities Stay Connected
*Follow a Route on a Map

Unit 4 – People Long Ago
*Describe People & Places that Change Over Time
*Read a Diagram
*Describe Early America
*Look at Native American History
*Explain our Independence
*Read a Time Line
*Discuss Heroes & Holidays

Unit 5 –A World Of Many People
*Discuss World Cultures
*Find Locations on A World Map
*Learn About Cultures
*Read a Calendar
*Recognizing Americans

Unit 6 - People in the Marketplace
*Describe Producers & Consumers
*Read a Bar Graph
*Explain Work & Income
*Read a Flow Chart (Factory to You)
*Explain Barter & Trade

Grading Policy:  Daily Assignments are graded and students are required to correct them until they are without errors.  Percentages are only placed on tests.

Grade Scale:
A    100% -  90%
B    89% -  80%
C    79% -  70%
D    69% - 60%
F     59% & below

Make-Up Work:  If an absence is excused, you will have two days for every day that is missed to make up the work.

Homework:   Homework is not an optional assignment, therefore it is expected to be completed.  All homework is due the following class day.

Planner: Students will be expected to write all homework assignments and tests in the student planner daily.  Parents should read and sign the planner daily, even if there is no homework, as a form of communication.

Expectations:  Students are reminded to always try and do their personal best.  Students are also reminded that cheating will not be tolerated.

Soc. Studies  Schedule:     3:10-3:25   Monday
                                           2:00–2:40  3:05-3:25   Tuesday & Thursday
                                           2:00- 3:05 Wednesday
                                           2:00-3:25   Friday