3rd Grade Spelling
Course Description: We are using Scott Foresman's Everyday Spelling Program

Learning/Developmental Goals:
This course is designed to help with Language Arts state standards dealing with the writing trait called conventions. 

** All third grade students' spelling objectives are met by the following spelling units list but are not limited to these list. 

Unit 1: 

     Words with dr, sc, ft, nk

     Word with ch, sh, th, ng

     Consonant Sounds /j/ and /s/

     Adding -s and -es

     Adding -ed and -ing

Unit 2:
     Short e

     Long e

     Short a and Long a

     Short o and Long e

     Short i and Long i 

Unit 3:

     Using just enough letters

     Words with w and wh

     Consonant Sounds /s/ and /k/

     Words with kn, wr, and st

Unit 4:

     Words with Double Consonants

     Vowel Sounds in book and boy
     Vowel Sounds in uncle and moon

     Vowel sounds in ball

     Getting letters in correct order 

Unit 5:

     Including all the letters

     Prefixes un- and re-

     Suffixes -ful, -ly, -ness

     Vowels with r

     More vowels with r 

Unit 6:

      Compound Words


      Vowels in Final Syllables

      Suffixes -er, -or, -ist

     Words with no sound clues