3rd Grade Social Studies
Course Description: We use the Harcourt Social Studies Series, 2012 edition. We also use educational internet websites and resource books as supplemental resources. This class is designed to explore the: history, economics, technology, geography, culture, citizenship, and government of various communities. 

Learning Goal: This class is designed to meet the Kansas Social Studies standards in third grade. 

Instructional Units:

Unit 1: Communities Around Us
     Chapter 1: Learning About Communities 

     Chapter 2: Communities of Different Sizes

Unit 2: Communities and Geography 

     Chapter 3: Our Physical Geography

     Chapter 4: Our Human Geography

Unit 3: Communities Over Time

     Chapter 5: Our History Through Time and Place

     Chapter 6: Our Country's History

Unit 4: Citizens and Government 

     Chapter 7: Citizenship

     Chapter 8: Government

Unit 5: People in Communities 

     Chapter 9: Our American Culture

     Chapter 10: Cultures Around the World 

Unit 6: Working in Communities 

     Chapter 11: Working in Our Communities 

     Chapter 12: Saving and Spending Money 

Grading Scale:

90%-100%     A

80% - 89%     B

70% - 79%     C

60% -  69%    D
59% & below   F 

Make-Up Work:

If a student is absent, the student will be allowed an extra day to complete the assignment without penalty.