3rd English Syllabus
Unit 1: Word Order in Sentences

               Statements and Questions

               Commands and Exclamations

               Sentences Parts

               Subjects in Sentences

               Predicates in Sentences

               A Reason for Writing: Narrating 

Unit 2: Writing with Nouns 

               Singular and Plural Nouns

               Spelling Plural Nouns

               Singular Possessive Nouns

               Plural Possessive Nouns

               Vocabulary Compounds

               A Reason for Writing: Informing 

Unit 3: Common Nouns and Proper Nouns

               Names and Titles

               Place Names

               Calendar Words

               Vocabulary Context Clues

               Reason to Write: Creating 

Unit 4: Writing with Pronouns 

               Subject Pronouns

               Object Pronouns

               Possessive Pronouns

               Using I and Me

               Vocabulary: Homophones

               Reason for Writing: Persuading 

Unit 5: Writing with Verbs

               Verbs in the Past

               Verbs in the Present

               Using Pronouns and Verbs that Agree

               Verbs in the Past

               Spelling Verbs in the Present

               Spelling Verbs in the Past


               Reason For Writing: Imagining 

Unit 6: Verbs with Special Past Forms

               The Verb be

               Main Verbs and Helping Verbs

               Using Irregular Verbs



               Reason to Write: Researching (Biography Papers) 

Unit 7: Writing with Adjectives

               Adjectives that Tell how Many

               Adjectives that Tell what Kind

               Adjectives that Compare

               Using a, an, and the


               Reason for Writing: Describing 

Unit 8: Nouns in Sentences 

               Verbs in Sentences

               Writing with Adverbs

               Adverbs that tell How



               Reason for Writing: Classifying