Class Name: 3rd Grade Science
Teacher: Mrs. Connie Herrs

Class Description: We use the Macmillan/McGraw Hill Textbook, 2008 Edition. This class is designed to help students learn about Life Science,  Earth Science, and Physical Science.

Learning Goal:  This class is designed to meet the Kansas science standards for third grade.

Learning Outcome: The student will demonstrate mastery of science standards using both formal and informal assessments, along with teacher observation.

Instructional Units:

Unit A: Living Things
Chapter 1: A Look at Living Things
Chapter 2: Living Things Grow and Change

Unit B: Ecosystems
Chapter 3: Living Things in Ecosystems
Chapter 4: Changes in Ecosystems

Unit C: Earth and Its Resources
Chapter 5: Earth Changes
Chapter 6: Using Earth's Resources

Unit D: Weather and Space
Chapter 7: Changes in Weather
Chapter 8: Planets, Moon, and Stars

Unit E: Matter
Chapter 9: Observing in Matter
Chapter 10: Changes in Matter

Unit F: Forces and Energy
Chapter 11: Forces and Motion
Chapter 12: Forms of Energy

Grading Scale:

100%-91%- A
90%-82%- B
81%-73%-  C
72%-64%- D
63% and below - F

Homework Procedure:

Homework is given after each lesson. There are chapter tests given at the end of each chapter. I will send home a study guide several days before the test to help your child prepare for the test. If an assignment is turned in late,the student will be docked 10 percentage points after the assignment is graded. For example, if a student receives a 75% on the assignment, he will then be docked 10% and receive a 65%.