3rd Spelling Syllabus

​Course Name:  Third Grade Spelling

Instructor’s Name:  Connie Herrs 

Contact Information: cherrs@usd223.org

Planning: Call 348-5769 to schedule an appointment before or after school.

Course Description: We are using Scott Foresman’s Everyday Spelling Program.

Learning/Developmental Goals: This course is designed to help with the Language Arts state standard dealing with the writing trait called conventions.

**All third grade students’ spelling objectives are met by the following spelling units list but are not limited to this list.

Unit 1

Letter combinations: thr, scr, str, and squ

Unit 2

Words with kn, gn,wr, and mb

Unit 3

Consonant Sounds /k/ and /f/

Unit 4

Words adding –ed and –ing

Unit 5

Words adding –er and –est

Unit 6

Review over previous 5 weeks

Unit 7

Words with sh, ch, tch, and wh
Unit 8
Words with double consonants

Unit 9

Short e and Long e
Unit 10

Short vowels a, i, o, and u

Unit 11

Long Vowels a, i, o

Unit 12

Review Week over previous 5 weeks

Unit 13

Related Words

Unit 14

Consonant Sounds /j/, /ks/, and /kw/

Unit 15

Adding –s and –es

Unit 16

Using just enough letters
(pronouncing a word and picturing how it looks can help avoid writing too
Many letters)

Unit 17

Words with contractions

Unit 18

Review Week over previous 5 lessons

Unit 19

Getting letters in the correct order
Unit 20

Vowels with r

Unit 21

Vowel sounds in put and out

Unit 22

Vowel sounds in few and moon
Unit 23


Unit 24

Review over last 5 weeks

Unit 25

Words including All the letters

Unit 26

Compound Words
Unit 27

Suffixes –ful and –ly and-ion

Unit 28

Suffixes –less, -ment, and –ness

Unit 29

Prefixes dis-, in-, mis-, and re-

Unit 30

Review over last 5 weeks

Unit 31

Vowels with no sound clues

Unit 32

Vowels in final syllables

Unit 33

Capitalization and Abbreviation

Unit 34


Unit 35

Easily confused words

Unit 36

Review over last 5 weeks

** Integrated in during each weekly unit, students will write spelling sentences for each word and write words 3 x each. Occasionally, word searches will be given to find the week’s spelling words within a word search.

Grading Scale:

91%-100%- A
82%-90%-   B
73%-81% -  C
64%-72%-   D
63%-0%-     F

Homework Policy

Any homework not turned in on time will be counted off 10% for each day late. Homework not turned in within a week gets a 0.