3rd Reading Syllabus

Reading Syllabus

1st Grade Language Arts Syllabus


1st Nine Weeks







Unit 1 Animals, Tame and Wild




Sam, Come Back/ Puppy Games

Character, Monitor & Fix Up, Sequence, Descriptive Words

Short A

Blend & Segment Phonemes, Short a, Final ck, Consonants

Sentences, Poster, Story Response, Description, Why We Speak, Voice

Pig in a Wig/ We are Vets

Realism & Fantasy, Summarize, Character, Descriptive Words

Short I

Blend & Segment Phonemes, Short i, Final x, Short a & Final ck

Caption, Story Response, Poster, Naming Parts of Sentences, Why We Listen, Conventions

The Big Blue Ox/They Can Help

Character and Setting, Visualize, Realism & Fantasy, Synonyms

Short O

Blend & Segment Phonemes, Short o, -s Plurals, Short i and Final x

Sentences, Notes, Story Response, Captions, Action Parts of Sentences, Be A Good Listener

A Fox and a Kit/ The Zoo in the Park

Main Idea, Ask Questions, Draw Conclusions, Categorize

Adding -s

Add Ending Phonemes /s/ & /z/, Inflected Endings -s, -ing, Short o

Titles, Poem, Story Response, Elaboration Word Order, Be a Good Speaker, Word Choice

Get the Egg!/Help the Birds

Realism & Fantasy, Story Structure, Character & Setting, Classify

Short E

Blend & Segment Phonemes, Short e, Initial Blends, Inflected Endings -s, -ing

Answers, Journal Entry, Story Response, Poster Telling Sentence, Retell a Story

Animal Park/Animal Poetry

Cause & Effect, Monitor & Fix Up, Categorize/ Classify, Antonyms

Short U

Blend & Segment Phonemes, Short u, Final Blends, Short e, Initial Blends

Sentences, Math Story, Story Response, Notes, Questions, Ask Questions, Focus/Ideas


Unit 2

Unit 2 Communities




A Big Fish for Max/At Home

Main Idea, Categorize Words, Reading Across Texts, Predict

Diagraph sh or th

Segment, Count & Blend Phonemes, Digraphs sh, th, vowel sound in ball

List, Nouns, Answer Questions, Word Choice, Directions, Parts of a Book

The Farmer in the Hat/ Helping Hands @ 4H

Cause & Effect, Monitor & Fix Up, Punctuation,

Long A (CVCe)

Distinguish Long/Short Vowel Sounds, Blend & Segment Phonemes, c=/s/, g=/j/, Digraphs sh, th, a in ball

Invitation, Proper Nouns, Description, Sentences, Poster, Announcement, Dramatize a Story

1st Grade Language Arts Syllabus


2nd Nine Weeks







Who Works Here?/ Neighborhood Map

Author's Purpose, Ask Questions, Main Idea, Punctuation, Directional Words

Long I (CVCe)

Digraphs wh, ch, tch, Distinguish Long/Short Vowel Sounds, Blend & Segment Phonemes,

Special Titles, Facts, Conventions, Want Ad, Listen for Musical Elements

The Big Circle/Class Paper

Sequence, Categorize Words, Read Across Texts, Monitor & Fix Up

Long O (CVCe)

Distinguish Long/Short Vowel Sounds, Blend & Segment Phonemes, Identify & Isolate Sounds, Contractions n't, 'm, 'll

Days, Months, Holidays, Par- ticipate in a Discussion, List, Organization/Paragraphs, Journal Entry, Periodical/ Newspaper

Life in the Forest/A Mangrove Forest

Author's Purpose, Preview the Text, Punctuation, Multiple-Meaning Words, Reading Across Texts

Long U (CVCe)

Substitute & Add Final Phonemes /t/, /d/, /ed/, Blend & Segment Phonemes, Review Long u & e

Voice, One and More Than One, Describe a Photo or Illustration, Use Alphbetical Order, Captions, Math Story, Report

Honey Bees/ The Ants Go Marching

Compare & Contrast, Antonyms, Read w/ Accuracy & Apporpriate Rate

Long E: e, ee

Subtitute long e for /e/, Blend & Segment Syllables, VCCV Syllables, Identify & Isolate Phonemes

Focus/Ideas, Facts, Nouns in Sentences, Description, Retell a Message, Elaboration, Picture Dictionary

Unit 3 Changes





An Egg is an Egg/ Nothing Fits

Compare & Contrast, Predict, Antonyms, Read w/ Appropriate Accuracy & Rate

Long E and Long I: y

Segment, Blend, Count & Substitute Phonemes, Vowel Sounds of y, Long Vowels (CV),

Conventions, Action Verbs, Journal Entry, Follow Directions, Alphabetical Order

Ruby in Her Own Time/ I'm Growing

Plot, Synonyms, Punctuation, Reading Across Texts

NG and NK

Blend & Segment Onset/Rime, Blend & Segment Syllables, Compound Words, Ssegment & Count Phonemes

Organization/Paragraphs, Verbs that Add -s, List, Poem, Give Directions, Time Line, Glossary

Jan's New Home/ A Letter From Jan

Theme, Monitor & Fix Up, Descriptive Words, Punctuation, Reading Across Texts

Adding -es

Add Phonemes /ez/, Ending and Plural -es, Blend & Segment Onset/Rime, r-Controlled or, ore, Final ng, Compound Words

Voice, Verbs that do not add -s, Greeting Card, Letter, Introduc- tions, Signs, Maps

Frog and Toad Together/ Growing Plants

Plot, Read w/ Expression, Use Endings to Determine Meaning, Reading Across Texts, Visualize

Adding -ed

Blend & Segment Syllables, In-flected Endings -ed, -ing, Substitute, Blend & Segment Phonemes, r-Controlled ar, Add Initial/Final Phonemes

Word Choice, Verbs for Now/Past, Retell A Story, Poem , List, Diagram

1st Grade Language Arts Syllabus


3rd Nine Weeks







I'm a Caterpillar/ My Computer

Draw Conclusions, Text Struc- ture, Punctuation, Use Refer- ence Sources,

Words w/ -er, -ir, -ur

r-Controlled er, ir, ur, Contractions 's, 've, 're, Blend/Segment Onset/ Rime, Delete Final Phonemes, Substitute Phonemes

Focus/Ideas, Facts Summarize Information, Cycle Chart, Technology: My Computer

Where Are My Friends?/ Poetry Collection

Sequence, Prior Knowledge, Read w/ Expression & Intona- tion, Multiple-Meaning & Un- familiar Words, Read Across Texts

Adding -er and -est

Comparative Endings and dge/j/, Add Phonemes /er/, /est/, Blend & Segment Phonemes, Blend & Seg- ment Onset/Rime, Contractions, r-Controlled er, ir, ur

Contractions w/ not, Song, Non- verbal Communication, Journal Entry, Sentences, Math Story, Bar Graph

Unit 4 Treasures




Mama's Birthday Present(Realistic Fiction)/ Chinese Surprises

Draw Conclusions, Monitor & Fix Up, Read w/ Expression, Words From Other Languages, Read Across Texts

Long A: ai, ay

Possessives, Long A: ai, ay, Add Phonemes, Substitute Initial Phonemes

Adjectives, Book Review, Letter, Formal & Informal Speaking, Sentences, Word Web, Calendar

The Dot(Realistic Fiction)/A Great Artist & His Dots

Theme, Graphic Organizers, Read w/ Accuracy & Appropri- ate Rate, Descriptive Words, Read Across Texts

Long E: ea

Long e: ea, Inflected Endings, Substitute Phonemes, Segment and Count Syllables, Long a: ai, ay, Possessives

Adjectives for Color/Shape, Steps, Poster, Discuss How to Solve a Problem, Organization/ Paragraphs, 2 Column Chart

Mister Bones Dinosaur Hunter(Biography)/ What's In A Museum?

Author's Purpose, Monitor & Fix Up, Punctuation, Synonyms, Read Across Texts

Long O: oa, ow

Long o: oa, ow, 3-Letter Blends, Substitute Initial Phonemes, Seg- ment Phonemes, Long e: ea, Inflected Endings

Focus/Ideas, Adjetives for Size, Reasons, Elaboration, Compare & Contrast, Math Story, Bar Graph

The Lady in the Moon(Realistic Fiction)/ My 4th Of July

Realism/Fantasy, Monitor & Fix Up, Read w/ Accuracy, Rate & Expression, Homophones, Read Across Texts

Long I: ie, igh

Long i: ie, igh; kn/n/, wr/r/, Blend, Segment & Count Phonemes, Substi- tute Initial Phonemes, 3 Letter Blends, Long o: oa, ow

Voice, Adjectives for What Kind, Poster, List, Express An Opinion, Glossary

Peter's Chair(Realistic Fiction)/Peter's Baby Sister

Character, Setting, & Plot, Story Structure, Punctuation, Reading Across Texts

Compound words

Compound Words, Vowels ew, ue, ui; Segment & Count Syllables, Substitute Initial Phonemes, Long i: ie, igh; kn/n/, wr/r/

Conventions, Adjectives for How Many, Facts, Journal Entry, Know Your Audience, Chart, E-mail

Henry and Mudge and Mrs. Hopper's House (Realistic Fiction)/ Poetry

Cause & Effect, Preview, Ex-press Characterization, Anto-nyms, Reading Across Texts

Suffixes -ly and -ful

Suffixes -ly, -ful; Vowels in moon, Segment & Count Syllables, Blend & Segment Phonemes, Compound Words, Vowels ew, ue, ui

Word Choice, Adjectives That Compare, Explanation, Description, Share Information, Word Web, Alphabetical Order

1st Grade Language Arts Syllabus


4th Nine Weeks







Tippy-Toe Chick, Go! (Animal Fantasy)/Belling the Cat

Character, Setting, & Plot, Story Structure, Synonyms, Accuracy, Rate & Expression, Reading Across Tests

Vowel sound in how

Diphthong ow/ow/, Syllables C+le, Substitute Initial Phonemes, Suffix-es -ly, -ful; Vowel Sounds in moon

Voice, Commands, Advice, Make an Announcement, Questions, Math Story, Reference Sources/ Take Notes

Mole and the Baby Bird (Animal Fantasy)/ Dear Dr. Know-It-All

Sequence, Summarize, Descrip-tive Words, Accuracy, Rate & Expression, Reading Across Texts

Vowel sound in out

Diphthong ou/ou/, Syllables VCV, Blend, Segment & Isolate Phonemes, C+le Words

Conventions, Exclamations, Ending, Retell a Story, Notes, Use A Glossary

Dot & Jabber & the Great Acorn Mystery (Informational Fiction)/ Water

Compare & Contrast, Monitor & Fix Up, Express Characteriza-tion, Categorize & Classify, Reading Across Texts

Vowel sounds in book & moon

Vowels in book, Inflected Endings, Substitute Initial Phonemes, Add Phonemes, Vowels oo, Diphthong ou, VCV Words

Word Choice, How Sentences Begin & End, Answers, Elaboration, Types of Media, Questions, Picture Graph

Simple Machines(Exposi- tory Nonfiction)/ Roy's Wheelchair

Main Idea, Summarize, Read w/ Appropriate Phrasing, Homonyms, Reading Across Texts

Vowel sound in boy

Diphthongs oi, oy; Suffixes -er, -or; Substitute Final Phonemes, Segment & Count Syllables, Vowels in book, Inflected Endings

Organization/Paragraphs, Pronouns, Explanation, Notes, Media Messages, Time Line, Parts of a Book

Alexander Graham Bell (Biography)/ Inventions

Draw Conclusions, Text Features, Clipped Words, Rate, Accuracy & Expression, Reading Across Texts

Vowel sound in saw

Vowels aw, au, Short e: ea, Blend, Segment & Count Phonemes, Diph-thongs oi, oy, Suffixes -er, -or

Focus/Ideas, Using I and Me, List, Paragraph, Recite from Memory, Survey, Reading a Web Page

Ben Franklin & His First Kite(Biography)/ Poetry

Theme, Ask Questions, Read w/ Appropriate Phrasing, Multiple-Meaning Words, Reading Across Texts

Prefixes un-, re-

Prefixes un-, re-, Long Vowels I, o, Segment & Count Syllables, Substi- tute Initial Phonemes, Vowels aw, au, Short e: ea

Sentences, Pronouns, Plan, Speak Well, Description, Chart, Encyclopedia