5th Grade Spelling Syllabus

Class Name: 5th Grade Spelling
Teacher: Cindy Geer
Email: cgeer@usd223.org
Phone: 1-785-348-5531

Class Description: We use Scott Foresman-Addison Wesley Everyday Spelling textbook.  
Learning Goal: This class is designed to: target words students use and misspell in everyday writing, build vocabulary and writing skills, and make everyone a better speller.
Learning Outcomes: The student will demonstrate mastery of fifth grade spelling words, through formal and informal testing, along with teacher observation.

Instructional Schedule:
Monday: Every Monday a new unit will be started in spelling. The students will complete the first two pages in the spelling workbook.
Tuesday: Spelling Sentences – Students will write each list word in a complete sentence, showing the teacher that they know the correct meaning of each word and how to use the word correctly in the writing setting.
Wednesday: Spelling Pre-Test – Students will complete a spelling pretest in the format of a bubble test.
Workbook – Students will complete the third and fourth pages of their spelling workbook of the unit they are on.
Thursday: Students will either write each list word three times or complete Pyramids. The teacher will explain how to do Pyramids during instruction time.
Friday: Spelling Post-Test – Students will complete a written test for Friday’s assignment

** Due to the nature of the class and the individual level of student mastery involved, it is important to understand that there is a possibility of changes that may occur throughout the school year.

Grading Scale:

100% - 91% A
90% - 82% B
81% - 73% C
72% - 64% D
63% and Below F

Make-Up Work:
If an absence is excused the student will be allowed to complete the assignment without penalty in a reasonable amount of time based upon teacher discrepancy. If an absence is unexcused the student is still responsible for completing the assignment, but will be given a zero.

Homework Procedure:
If an assignment is turned in late, the student is docked 20 percentage points after the assignment is graded and scored. Example: A late assignment is turned in and graded, if the student receives a 90% on the assignment, I will dock 20 percentage points and the final grade for that assignment will be a 70%.