6th Grade Social Studies Syllabus

Course Description: This course is designed to provide a foundation in world history and geography.

Learning Goals: This course is designed to meet Kansas state standards for 6th grade social studies instruction. These standards can be found at www.ksde.org

Outcomes: The student will demonstrate mastery of state standards using formal and informal assessments along with teacher observation and in state assessments during designated years.

Amount of material covered is subject to change, dependent on the ability of students in the classroom and calendar activities for the year.

TEXT: The World – Scott Foresman
   Supplemental resources off of educational websites, videos, library and various accumulated outside resources.
    Map skills tests will be done on a weekly basis until mastery is shown.
-Early hunter/gatherer/farmer Ch 1
-Use of artifacts
-Migration paths
-Clovis people
-Stone Age, New Stone Age, Iron Age
-How cultures developed

-Early Civilizations Ch 2
-The Fertile Crescent
-Babylonia and Assyria
-Hammurabi’s Code
-Hebrews, Phoenicians, and Lydians

-Egypt Ch 3
-Nile River
-Life in Egypt
-Ancient Egypt and the Pyramids

-China Ch 4
-China’s past dynasties

-India and Persia Ch 5

-Mexico and South America Ch 6-7
-Olmec and Maya
-Chavin and Mochica

-North America Review Ch 8

- Ancient Greece Ch 9
-Athens and Sparta
-Alexander the Great

-Ancient Rome Ch 10
-The Roman Republic
-The rise and fall of the Roman Empire

-Byzantine Empire Ch 11

-Medieval Europe Ch 14
-Geography of Europe
-The Crusades

-The Renaissance Ch 15
-Causes of World War I
-New technology in  WWI
-The Treaty Of Versailles
-After effects of WWI
-Revolutions Ch 16
-Revolutions in the Americas
-French Revolution
-Industrial Revolutions

-Imperialism Ch 17
-Trade routes and Conquests
-European Colonization

-WWI Ch 18
-Expanding Empires
-East Asia

-WWII Ch 19
-The Great Depression
-The rise of dictators
-After WWII