6th Grade Science Syllabus

Course Description: This course is designed to provide a foundation in physical, life, Earth and space science.

Learning Goal: This course is designed to meet the Kansas state standards for science. These standards can be found at www.ksde.org

Outcomes: The student will demonstrate mastery of standards set forth by the state of Kansas in physical science, life science, and Earth and space science.

Amount of material covered is subject to change, based on the abilities of the students in the class and calendar activities for the year.

TEXT: Glencoe Science Level Red
   Supplemental materials taken off of various educational websites, videos, library materials and other accumulated outside resources

Scientific Method Chapter 1-2
-Experimental Design
-Data collection
-Writing Lab reports

Matter and its Changes Chapter 3-4
-physical changes
-chemical changes
-periodic table

Motion Chapter 5 and 6
- Newton’s Laws of Motion
- Simple machines
- Energy changes
- Temperature
- Chemical energy

Plate Tectonics Chapter 10
- plate tectonics
- uplift and mountain formation

Weathering and Erosion Chapter 11
-soil formation
- erosion of Earth’s surface

Exploring Space Chapter 14-15
-the solar system
-stars and galaxies

Weather Chapter 12
- air masses and fronts

Cells Chapter 16
-animal/plant cells
-cell reproduction
Body Systems Chapter 19
- Skeletal
- Nervous
- Digestive
- Circulatory
- Respiratory

-sexual and asexual reproduction
-punnet squares

Ecology Chapter 21-22
-food webs and chains
-biotic and abiotic factors