5th Grade Language Arts Syllabus

Course Description: Writing and grammar will be the main focus of this course.

Learning Goals: This course is designed to meet the Kansas state standards for writing.

Outcomes: The student will demonstrate mastery of organizing written material, ideas and content, voice, word choice, sentence fluency, and conventions such as spelling, punctuation and grammar usage. Mastery will be demonstrated by formal and informal assessments along with teacher observations and Kansas state assessment during assessed years.

Amount of material covered is subject to change, based on the abilities of students in the class and calendar activities for the year.

TEXT: World of Language- Silver Burdett and Ginn, Everyday Spelling Scott Foresman,
  Other various supplemental six trait writing materials.


    -verb tenses
    -irregular verbs
    -subject/object-possessive pronouns
    -predicate adjectives
    -double negatives
    -prepositional phrases

-Types of sentences
-subject verb agreement
-fragments and run-ons
-simple and compound

-Narrative- student will write several narrative paragraphs building into a narrative story.
-Expository- student will write a 3 page research paper.
-Technical- student will write a paragraph giving directions. Students will also write and perform a demonstration speech
-Persuasive- students will write a persuasive letter.

SPELLING- Spelling units will be completed each week. Activities will include book activities, practice activities and using the words in sentences or stories each week. Pre-tests will occur on Wednesday. Students scoring 100% on Wednesday will not have to take the test on Friday. Students not receiving 100% will be given another chance on Friday. The Friday score will count for these students.