Kindergarten Social Studies

Instructor: Andrea Woltje                 E-mail:
Phone: 785-348-5531                           Office Hours: 8:00 am to 3:45  pm
Office: Linn Public School                 Year: 2014-2015

Texts: Social Studies/Harcourt 

Description:  Social Studies concepts and skills are integrated into thematic units.

Learning/Developmental Goals: This course is designed to prepare the students for the Kansas State Assessments administered in upper grades.

Learning Outcomes: The student will demonstrate mastery in the following thematic units using formal and informal assessments, along with teacher observations.

Unit One: Being a Good Citizen

                  Follow the Rules, Safety Signs, Taking Responsibility, & Groups around the World

Unit Two: My Country

                  The Flag, US Symbols, Our Leaders, Living with Freedom

Unit Three: Workers

                   Community Workers, Working for Money, Using Resources, From Farm to Table

                   Goods around the World

Unit Four: Where We Live

                   Land & Water on Earth, Models & Maps, Regions, City and Farm

Unit Five: Time Goes By

                   Yesterday, Today, & Tomorrow, Months of Year, Change over Time, 

Unit Six: Stories of the Past

                 American Holidays, Colonial Life, Family History, Making History

Evaluation of Student Progress:
The evidence of progress will include:
*class participation
* work samples
* project demonstration
* Science lesson quiz
*Social Studies lesson quiz
*Show-n-Tell participation

No standard letter or numerical grades are assigned in Kindergarten
The following is used: 

NP=Needs Practice


***Due to the makeup of the class, individual level of student mastery involved, & calendar activities for the year, the amount of material covered is subject to change.