Kindergarten Math Syllabus

Instructor: Andrea Woltje                 E-mail:
Phone: 785-348-5531 ext.125            Office Hours: 8:00 am to 3:45  pm
Office: Linn Public School                Year: 2018-2019

Text: enVision Math 2.0

Description: This course develops math skills through student participation of a daily math meeting, hands-on activities, and independent paper/pencil assessments.   

Learning/Developmental Goals: This course is designed to meet the Kansas Common Core Standards for Kindergarten.  These standards may be found at:

Learning Outcomes: The student will demonstrate mastery in the following areas using formal and informal assessments along with teacher observations.

Topic 1: Numbers 0 to 5
Know number names & the count sequence 
Count to tell the number of objects

Topic 2: Compare Numbers 0 to 5
Compare numbers 

Topic 3: Numbers 6-10
Know numbe names & the count sequence
Count to tell the number of objects

Topic 4:Compare Number 0-10

Compare numbers

Topic 5: Classify & Count Data
Classify objects and count the number of objects in each category

Topic 6: Understand Addition
Understand addition as putting together & adding to. 

Topic 7: Understand Subtraction
Understand subtraction as taking apart & taking from.

Topic 8: More Addition & Subtraction

Topic 9: Count numbers to 20
Know number names & the count sequence
Count to tell the number of objects

Topic 10: Compose & Decompose Numbers 11 to 19
Work with numbers 11-19 to gain foundations for place value.

Topic 11: Count numbers to 100 
Know number names & count sequence

Topic 12: Identify & Describe Shapes
Recognize 2d & 3d shapes
Analyze,compare & create shapes
Describe & compare measurable attibutes

Evaluation of student progress will include: 

         *enVision assessments                        *Work samples

         *Portfolio entries                               *Project documentation

         *Math center observations                 *MAP assessments           

No standard letter or numerical grades are given in Kindergarten.
The following is used: 

NP=Needs practice

Note: Due to the makeup of the class, the individual student mastery level, and calendar activities for the school year, the material is subject to change.