Kindergarten Math Syllabus

Instructor: Andrea Woltje                 E-mail:
Phone: 785-348-5531                           Office Hours: 8:00 am to 3:45  pm
Office: Linn Public School                Year: 2014-2015

Text: A combination of Saxon Math & GO Math

Description: This course develops math skills through student participation of a daily math meeting,hands-on activities, and independent paper/pencil assessments.   

Learning/Developmental Goals: This course is designed to meet the Kansas Common Core Standards for Kindergarten.  These standards may be found at:

Learning Outcomes: The student will demonstrate mastery in the following areas using formal and informal assessments along with teacher observations.

Counting & Cardinality
Count to 100 by 1's                                                                             Count up from any given number            

Writes numbers to represent 1-20                                                    Recognizes 1:1 correspondence      

Understands the next number is a quantity of 1 larger                 Counts objects in a line or array up to 20

Compares groups of objects using greater than, less than,or equal to   Compare written numbers 1-10 


Describes objects by using positional words                                      Identify 2D & 3D shapes 

Compare sides,corners & lengths of 2D & 3D shapes                         Can build shapes

Can compose simple shapes to form larger ones

Measurement and Data

Describe measurable attributes of an object                                        Compare measurable attributes of objects

Classify & sort objects 

Operations & Algebraic Thinking 

Can represent an addition problem using objects, or drawing the equation     

Can represent a subtraction problem using objects or drawing the equation 

Can solve addition word problems within  10                                        Can solve subtraction word  problems within 10

Fluently adds to 5                                                                             Fluently subtracts to 5

Given a number 1-9, find the number that makes 10 when added                           

Decompose numbers less that 10 into pairs in more than one way, recording by drawing or writing equation

Numbers in Base Ten

Understands that numbers are made up of 10s & 1s

Evaluation of Student Progress:
The evidence of progress will include:

         *Saxon oral assessment records        *Work samples

         *Portfolio entries                               *Project documentation

         *Math center observations                 *MAP assessments           

No standard letter or numerical grades are given in Kindergarten.
The following is used: 

NP=Needs practice

Note: Due to the makeup of the class, the individual student mastery level, and calendar activities for the school year, the material is subject to change.