Kindergarten Language Arts Syllabus

Instructor: Andrea Woltje                 E-mail:
Phone: 785-348-5531 ext.125            Office Hours: 8:00 am to 3:45  pm
Office: Linn Public School                 Year: 2018-2019

Text: Scott Foresman Reading Street

Description: This course introduces each student to age appropriate skills in English, Language, & Writing

Learning/Developmental Goals: This course is designed to prepare the student for the Kansas State Assessments given in upper grades.

Learning Outcomes: The student will demonstrate mastery in the following areas using formal and informal assessments along with teacher observations.

ELA Standards: 

Reading Literature             

Ask/Answer questions about text      Retell story with details         Recognize text types      

Match illustrations to story                Ask about unknown words     Identify  story settings        

Compares story characters               Knows what author & illustrator does    

Informational Text

Ask/answer questions about text      Knows front/back & title of book     Connect ideas in text

Matches illustrations to text             Names author & illustrator              Ask about unknown word

Compare text on same subject         Describes details of text                 Tells what author thinks & why

Reading Foundational Skills

Follow words from left/right                Knows all capital/lowercase letters    Blend onset/rimes

Recognize letters form words             Identify words/produce rhymes          Understand syllables

Recognize spaces between words      Letter/sound of consonants              Produces CVC words

Add/substitute sounds/new words      Know long/short vowel sounds           Knows Kdg. sight words

Reads emergent books with understanding

Speaking & Listening

Speaks/listens in group conversations     Follow group rules                    Uses multiple exchanges

Speaks clearly thoughts/feelings             Ask/answer questions              Tells about people,places,& things


Uses common nouns/verbs                    Add s or es for plural nouns       Uses prepositions

Sort objects into categories                    Identify opposites                    Act out meaning of similar words

Speaks audibly & express feelings         Writes capital/lowercase letters  Use question words

Produce & expand sentences               Uses capitalization & punctuation  


State an opinion by dictating/drawing/writing about a favorite topic

Give information by dictating/drawing/writing about a topic

Add details & edit writing                    Use computer to publish work           Research a topic

Write about an event                            Gather information to write an answer to a question

Evaluation of Student Progress:
The evidence of progress will include: 

        *work samples-writing book           *portfolio entries

        *journals                                        *MAP assessment

No standard letter or numerical grades are assigned in Kindergarten.
The following is used: 

I= Improving
NP=Needs Practice

Note: Due to the class makeup, the individual level of student mastery, and calendar activities for the school year, the material covered is subject to change.