Kdg. Science
Kindergarten Science Syllabus

Instructor: ‚ÄčAndrea Woltje email: awoltje@usd223.
Phone #: 785-348-5531 Hours: 8:00-3:45
Office: Linn Public School Year: 2014-2015

Textbook: Science/A Closer Look by Macmillian/McGraw-Hill
Description: Science concepts are intergrated into thematic units. 
Learning/Developmental Goals: The course is designed to prepare students for the       Kansas State Assessment given in upper grades. 
Learning Outcome: The student will demonstrate mastery in the following units using 
          formal and informal assessments in addition to teacher observation.

Life Science
Unit A: Be a Scientist Unit A: Plants Unit B: Animals
Parts of Plants Animals are Everywhere
What Plants Need Animals Needs
Plant Usage Animals Change & Grow

Earth Science
Unit C: Our Earth Unit D: Sky & Weather
Soil & Rocks Look at Weather
Land & Water Seasons
Resources & Recycle Sun, Moon, & Stars

Physical Science
Unit E: Matter & Motion Unit F: Moving Right Along
Paper & Cloth Wheels & Motion
Wood, Metal & clay Gravity & Sounds
Investigate water Magnets

Evaluation of Progress: 
*class participation
*work samples
*show-n-tell participation
*teacher observation

No standard letter or numerical grades are assigned in Kindergarten. 
The following will be used: 
M: Mastery
S: Satisfactory
I: Improving
NP: Needs Practice