7-12 Rules and Guidelines


1.    Art begins and ends with courtesy.  Be courteous to everyone..

2.    If  you are not in the room when the bell rings, you are late.

3.    Be prepared to work when you enter the art room.  Make sure you are ready for class  with necessary materials. 

4.    Clean up after yourself.  All art materials that you use must be cleaned  and put back in their proper place. 

5.     A planner  must be present and filled out by the student to receive permission to leave the art room.  

6.     All Linn High School handbook rules apply.   

I want every student to know that I think art should be enjoyable.  However, there must be a balance between fun and self-discipline for learning to occur.  You are here to learn about art and how to create your own works of art.  All the rules for this class are simply common sense or good manners.  I have no doubt that  you all possess these qualities.  Remember: have fun, work hard, be courteous, and we will enjoy a very successful year together.


    Be in your seat when the bell rings if you are unsure what to do or be in the process of getting out your art work and supplies.

    You may do any of the following during work/class time:
    The current assignment, make up work, or look through magazines to find picture resource ideas.
    Use your time in art class to engage in artistic and creative activities. Practice will improve your skills.
    Do not work on other class assignments during Art Class or you will lose your ''time on task'' points for that day unless given permission by Mr. Hildebrand.

    Clean up your work area,  throw away trash,  and put up your work.
    Clean and return any supplies you’ve borrowed.
    Look around your work area for any stray supplies, drawings, or trash.
    Wipe your table so that it is clean for the next person sitting there.
    Wait at your seat until the bell rings, or until you are dismissed by the teacher. Please Do Not wait by the door.