ACT Practice Information

Preparing for the ACT

The best way to be prepared for the ACT is to take the most rigorous classes possible in high school.

Get  a "Preparing for the ACT" booklet from Mr. Voelker.

Check out a ACT Review Workbook from Mr. Voelker.

Go to, click on "The Test", then "Test Prep".

                - ACT Online Prep (Cost about $20)

                -Practice Test questions    (Free)

                -Test taking tips    (Free)

               -Test Descriptions     (Free)

Go to

                -For diagnostic review of test material

                -To take practice tests

If possible, the first time you register for the ACT, check "Test Information Release" to receive a copy of the test, the answer key and your answers.  You can use this to study for the next time you take the ACT.  (Cost $17)