Val/Sal Awards

USD 223 Valedictorian/Salutatorian Awards

June 10, 2010

USD 223 Valedictorian/Salutatorian Awards

Within USD #223, at Hanover High School (HHS) and Linn High School (LHS), there will be one Valedictorian and one Salutatorian per graduating class beginning with the Class of 2013 (unless a graduating class prior to that would like to follow this policy).

Candidate must have attended HHS or LHS since the beginning of their first semester of the junior year unless said student participates in a foreign exchange program for a semester or year and then returns to the school he/she left prior to graduation.

Selection of the Valedictorian and Salutatorian shall be determined by grade percentages earned in the State of Kansas Scholarship Program Curriculum.  In case of a tie, the following steps will be used to break the tie:

Compare and evaluate:

  1. Like classes (grades by percentage)
  2. Unlike dual credit classes (grades by percentage)
  3. Total number of dual credit classes taken
  4. As a last resort, the same standardized test composite score

The cutoff date for grades determining the valedictorian and salutatorian will be made one week prior to graduation.

State of Kansas Scholarship requirements are posted on this website.