2nd Gr. Science Syllabus  
1st Nine Weeks 2nd Nine Weeks 3rd Nine Weeks 4th Nine Weeks
Life Science Ch. 4: Kinds of Habitats Unit D: Weather & Sky  Ch. 10:  Changes in Matter
Unit A: Plants & Animals L1: Forests Ch. 7: Observing Weather L1: Matter Changes
Ch.1 Plants  L2: Hot & Cold Deserts L1: Weather L2: Changes of State
L1: What Living Things Need L3: Oceans & Ponds L2: The Water Cycle L3: Mixtures
L2: Plants Make New Plants Ch. 4: Kinds of Habitats L3: Changes in Weather Unit F: Motion & Energy
L3: How Plants are Alike and Different L1: Forests Ch. 8 Earth & Space Ch. 11: How Things Move
Ch. 2: Animals L2: Hot & Cold Deserts L1: Day and Night L1: Position and Motion
L1: Animal Groups L3: Oceans & Ponds L2: Why Seasons Happen L2: Forces
L2: Animals Grow & Change Earth Science L3: The Moon & Stars L3: Using Simple Machines
L3: Staying Alive Unit C: Our Earth L4: The Solar System L4: Exploring Magnets
Unit B: Habitats Ch. 5: Land & Water Physical Science Ch. 12: Using Energy
Ch. 3: Looking at Habitats L1: Earth's Land Unit E: Matter L1: Heat
L1: Places to Live L2: Earth's Water Ch. 9: Looking at Matter L2: Sound
L2: Food Chains & Food Webs L3: Changes on Earth L1: Describing Matter L3: Light
L3: Habitats Change Ch. 6: Earth's Resources L2: Solids L4: Exploring Electricity
  L1: Rocks & Minerals L3: Liquids & Gases  
  L2: Soil    
  L3: Using Earth's Resources