2nd Grade Handwriting Syllabus  
Unit 1: Getting Started Unit 2: Writing in Manuscript: Shape Unit 3: Writing in Manuscript: Size Unit 4: Writing in Manuscript: Spacing Unit 5: Writing in Manuscript: Slant Using What You Have Learned Using What You Have Learned continued.
Introduction Keys to Legibility: Shape Keys to Legibility: Size Keys to Legibility: Spacing Keys to Legibility: Slant Why Do You Write? Writing a List: Helping Hands
Pretest Write l, i, t Write c, e, f Write u, s Write v, y, w Writing to Inform: Meet the Dinosaurs Writing a Letter: Computer Chat
Letters & Numerals Write L, I, T Write C, E, F Write U, S Write V, Y, W Prewriting: Making a Web  
Your Book Write o, a, d Write g, j, q Write b, p, r Write x, k, z Writing Numerals: Number Fun Posttest
Writing Positions Write O, A, D Write G, J, Q Write B, P, R Write X, K, Z Writing to Describe: Tasting Time Writing Quickly
Basic Strokes: Vertical & Horizontal Lines Practice  Practice Write n, m, h Practice  Writing a Report: In a Night Sky Writing Easily
Basic Strokes: Circle Lines Application Application Write N, M, H Application Keys to Legibility: Shape, Size, Spacing, Slant  
Basic Strokes: Slant Lines     Practice Manuscript Review Prewriting: Let's Get Ready to Write  
Keys to Legibility: Shape, Size     Application   Writing to Inform: I Can Do It!  
Keys to Legibility: Spacing, Slant         Writing a Story: It's So Cold!  
Writing Numerals         Writing a Story: It's So Warm!  
Practice Numerals         Writing Numerals: Visit Number Land