Social Studie
1st Nine Weeks 2nd Nine Weeks 3rd Nine Weeks 4th Nine Weeks
Unit 1 Unit 2 Unit 4 Unit 6
Time for School In My Community Our Earth, Our Resources Our Country, Our World
Explore the United States E2-E16 L1: Welcome to My Neighborhood L1: Different Kinds of Weather L1: Visiting the Market
Social Studies Handbook: H2-H16 L2: Different Kinds of Communities L2: Looking at Our Land and Water L2: How Things Have Changed
L1: Getting to Know Andrew L3: Special Things We Do L3: Our Earth's Resources L3: Inventors and Inventions
L2: Home & School L4: Community Laws and Leaders L4: Interview About Farm History L4: How Travel Has Changed
L3: Rules We Follow L5: Where in the World do I Live? L5: Caring for Our Resources L5: Life Around the World
L4: Learning About My School      
  Unit 3 Unit 5  
  Work! Work! Work! This Is Our Country  
  L1: Ben's Jobs L1: Native Americans  
  L2: Needs and Wants L2: Early Travelers to America  
  L3: Spending & Saving L3: The Colonies Become Free  
  L4: Welcome to Job Day! L4: Symbols in our Country  
  L5: Interview With a Farmer L5: We Celebrate Holidays  
  L6: From Place to Place L6: Choosing Our Country's Leaders