Language Arts
1st Grade Language Arts Syllabus   1st Nine Weeks  
Story Reading Spelling  Phonics Language 
Unit 1   Animals, Tame and Wild      
Sam, Come Back/ Puppy Games Character, Monitor & Fix Up, Sequence, Descriptive Words Short A Blend & Segment Phonemes, Short a, Final ck, Consonants Sentences, Poster, Story Response, Description, Why We Speak, Voice
Pig in a Wig/ We are Vets Realism & Fantasy, Summarize, Character, Descriptive Words Short I Blend & Segment Phonemes, Short i, Final x, Short a & Final ck Caption, Story Response, Poster, Naming Parts of Sentences, Why We Listen, Conventions
The Big Blue Ox/They Can Help Character and Setting, Visualize, Realism & Fantasy, Synonyms Short O Blend & Segment Phonemes, Short o,  -s Plurals, Short i and Final x Sentences, Notes, Story Response, Captions, Action Parts of Sentences, Be A Good Listener
A Fox and a Kit/ The Zoo in the Park Main Idea, Ask Questions, Draw Conclusions, Categorize Adding -s Add Ending Phonemes /s/ & /z/, Inflected Endings -s, -ing, Short o Titles, Poem, Story Response, Elaboration Word Order, Be a Good Speaker, Word Choice
Get the Egg!/Help the Birds Realism & Fantasy, Story Structure, Character & Setting, Classify Short E Blend & Segment Phonemes, Short e, Initial Blends,  Inflected Endings -s, -ing Answers, Journal Entry, Story Response, Poster Telling Sentence, Retell a Story
Animal Park/Animal Poetry Cause & Effect, Monitor & Fix Up, Categorize/ Classify, Antonyms  Short U Blend & Segment Phonemes, Short u, Final Blends, Short e, Initial Blends  Sentences, Math Story, Story Response, Notes, Questions, Ask Questions, Focus/Ideas
Unit 2   Communities      
A Big Fish for Max/At Home Main Idea, Categorize Words, Reading Across Texts, Predict Diagraph sh or th Segment, Count & Blend  Phonemes, Digraphs sh, th, vowel sound in ball  List, Nouns, Answer Questions, Word Choice, Directions, Parts of a Book
The Farmer in the Hat/ Helping Hands @ 4H Cause & Effect, Monitor & Fix Up, Punctuation,  Long A (CVCe) Distinguish Long/Short Vowel Sounds, Blend & Segment Phonemes, c=/s/, g=/j/, Digraphs sh, th, a in ball Invitation, Proper Nouns, Description, Sentences, Poster, Announcement, Dramatize a Story
1st Grade Language Arts Syllabus   2nd Nine Weeks  
Story Reading Spelling  Phonics Language 
Who Works Here?/ Neighborhood Map Author's Purpose, Ask Questions, Main Idea, Punctuation, Directional Words Long I (CVCe) Digraphs wh, ch, tch, Distinguish Long/Short Vowel Sounds, Blend & Segment Phonemes,  Special Titles, Facts, Conventions, Want Ad, Listen for Musical Elements
The Big Circle/Class Paper Sequence, Categorize Words, Read Across Texts, Monitor & Fix Up Long O (CVCe) Distinguish Long/Short Vowel Sounds, Blend & Segment Phonemes, Identify & Isolate Sounds, Contractions n't, 'm, 'll Days, Months, Holidays, Par- ticipate in a Discussion, List, Organization/Paragraphs, Journal Entry, Periodical/ Newspaper
Life in the Forest/A Mangrove Forest Author's Purpose, Preview the Text, Punctuation, Multiple-Meaning Words, Reading Across Texts Long U (CVCe) Substitute & Add Final Phonemes /t/, /d/, /ed/, Blend & Segment Phonemes, Review Long u & e Voice, One and More Than One, Describe a Photo or Illustration, Use Alphbetical Order, Captions, Math Story, Report
Honey Bees/ The Ants Go Marching Compare & Contrast, Antonyms, Read w/ Accuracy & Apporpriate Rate Long E: e, ee Subtitute long e for /e/, Blend & Segment Syllables, VCCV Syllables, Identify & Isolate Phonemes Focus/Ideas, Facts, Nouns in Sentences, Description, Retell a Message, Elaboration, Picture Dictionary
Unit 3     Changes        
An Egg is an Egg/ Nothing Fits Compare & Contrast, Predict, Antonyms, Read w/ Appropriate Accuracy & Rate Long E and Long I: y Segment, Blend, Count & Substitute Phonemes, Vowel Sounds of y, Long Vowels (CV),  Conventions, Action Verbs, Journal Entry, Follow Directions, Alphabetical Order
Ruby in Her Own Time/ I'm Growing Plot, Synonyms, Punctuation, Reading Across Texts NG and NK Blend & Segment Onset/Rime, Blend & Segment Syllables, Compound Words, Ssegment & Count Phonemes Organization/Paragraphs, Verbs that Add -s, List, Poem, Give Directions, Time Line, Glossary
Jan's New Home/ A Letter From Jan Theme, Monitor & Fix Up, Descriptive Words, Punctuation, Reading Across Texts Adding -es Add Phonemes /ez/, Ending and Plural -es, Blend & Segment Onset/Rime, r-Controlled or, ore, Final ng, Compound Words  Voice, Verbs that do not add -s, Greeting Card, Letter, Introduc- tions, Signs, Maps
Frog and Toad Together/ Growing Plants Plot, Read w/ Expression, Use Endings to Determine Meaning, Reading Across Texts, Visualize Adding -ed Blend & Segment Syllables, In-flected Endings -ed, -ing, Substitute, Blend & Segment Phonemes, r-Controlled ar, Add Initial/Final Phonemes  Word Choice, Verbs for Now/Past, Retell A Story, Poem , List, Diagram
1st Grade Language Arts Syllabus   3rd Nine Weeks  
Story Reading Spelling  Phonics Language 
I'm a Caterpillar/ My Computer Draw Conclusions, Text Struc- ture, Punctuation, Use Refer- ence Sources,  Words w/ -er,   -ir, -ur r-Controlled er, ir, ur, Contractions 's, 've, 're, Blend/Segment Onset/ Rime, Delete Final Phonemes, Substitute Phonemes Focus/Ideas, Facts Summarize Information, Cycle Chart, Technology: My Computer
Where Are My Friends?/ Poetry Collection Sequence, Prior Knowledge, Read w/ Expression & Intona- tion, Multiple-Meaning  & Un- familiar Words, Read Across Texts  Adding -er and -est Comparative Endings and dge/j/, Add Phonemes /er/, /est/, Blend & Segment Phonemes, Blend & Seg- ment Onset/Rime, Contractions, r-Controlled er, ir, ur  Contractions w/ not, Song, Non- verbal Communication, Journal Entry, Sentences, Math Story, Bar Graph
Unit 4      Treasures      
Mama's Birthday Present(Realistic Fiction)/ Chinese Surprises  Draw Conclusions, Monitor & Fix Up, Read w/ Expression, Words From Other Languages, Read Across Texts Long A: ai, ay Possessives, Long A: ai, ay, Add Phonemes, Substitute Initial Phonemes Adjectives, Book Review, Letter, Formal & Informal Speaking, Sentences, Word Web, Calendar
The Dot(Realistic Fiction)/A Great Artist & His Dots  Theme, Graphic Organizers, Read w/ Accuracy & Appropri- ate Rate, Descriptive Words, Read Across Texts Long E: ea Long e: ea, Inflected Endings, Substitute Phonemes, Segment and Count Syllables, Long a: ai, ay, Possessives Adjectives for Color/Shape, Steps, Poster, Discuss How to Solve a Problem, Organization/ Paragraphs, 2 Column Chart
Mister Bones Dinosaur Hunter(Biography)/ What's In A Museum?  Author's Purpose, Monitor & Fix Up, Punctuation, Synonyms, Read Across Texts Long O: oa, ow Long o: oa, ow, 3-Letter Blends, Substitute Initial Phonemes, Seg- ment Phonemes, Long e: ea, Inflected Endings Focus/Ideas, Adjetives for Size, Reasons, Elaboration, Compare & Contrast, Math Story, Bar Graph
The Lady in the Moon(Realistic Fiction)/ My 4th Of July  Realism/Fantasy, Monitor & Fix Up, Read w/ Accuracy, Rate & Expression, Homophones, Read Across Texts Long I: ie, igh Long i: ie, igh; kn/n/, wr/r/, Blend, Segment & Count Phonemes, Substi- tute Initial Phonemes, 3 Letter Blends, Long o: oa, ow Voice, Adjectives for What Kind, Poster, List, Express An Opinion, Glossary
Peter's Chair(Realistic Fiction)/Peter's Baby Sister Character, Setting, & Plot, Story Structure, Punctuation, Reading Across Texts Compound words Compound Words, Vowels ew, ue, ui; Segment & Count Syllables, Substitute Initial Phonemes, Long i: ie, igh; kn/n/, wr/r/ Conventions, Adjectives for How Many, Facts, Journal Entry, Know Your Audience, Chart, E-mail
Henry and Mudge and Mrs. Hopper's House (Realistic Fiction)/ Poetry  Cause & Effect, Preview, Ex-press Characterization, Anto-nyms, Reading Across Texts Suffixes -ly and -ful Suffixes -ly, -ful; Vowels in moon, Segment & Count Syllables, Blend & Segment Phonemes, Compound Words, Vowels ew, ue, ui Word Choice, Adjectives That Compare, Explanation, Description, Share Information, Word Web, Alphabetical Order
1st Grade Language Arts Syllabus   4th Nine Weeks  
Story Reading Spelling  Phonics Language 
Tippy-Toe Chick, Go! (Animal Fantasy)/Belling the Cat Character, Setting, & Plot, Story Structure, Synonyms, Accuracy, Rate & Expression, Reading Across Tests Vowel sound in how Diphthong ow/ow/, Syllables C+le, Substitute Initial Phonemes, Suffix-es -ly, -ful; Vowel Sounds in moon Voice, Commands, Advice, Make an Announcement, Questions, Math Story, Reference Sources/ Take Notes
Mole and the Baby Bird (Animal Fantasy)/ Dear Dr. Know-It-All Sequence, Summarize, Descrip-tive Words, Accuracy, Rate & Expression, Reading Across Texts Vowel sound in out Diphthong ou/ou/, Syllables VCV, Blend, Segment & Isolate Phonemes, C+le Words Conventions, Exclamations, Ending, Retell a Story, Notes, Use A Glossary
Dot & Jabber & the Great Acorn Mystery (Informational Fiction)/ Water Compare & Contrast, Monitor & Fix Up, Express Characteriza-tion, Categorize & Classify, Reading Across Texts Vowel sounds in book & moon Vowels in book, Inflected Endings, Substitute Initial Phonemes, Add Phonemes, Vowels oo, Diphthong ou, VCV Words Word Choice, How Sentences Begin & End, Answers, Elaboration, Types  of Media, Questions, Picture Graph
Simple Machines(Exposi- tory Nonfiction)/ Roy's Wheelchair Main Idea, Summarize, Read w/ Appropriate Phrasing, Homonyms, Reading Across Texts Vowel sound in boy Diphthongs oi, oy; Suffixes  -er, -or; Substitute Final Phonemes, Segment & Count Syllables, Vowels in book, Inflected Endings Organization/Paragraphs, Pronouns, Explanation, Notes, Media Messages, Time Line, Parts of a Book
Alexander Graham Bell (Biography)/ Inventions Draw Conclusions, Text Features, Clipped Words, Rate, Accuracy & Expression, Reading Across Texts Vowel sound in saw Vowels aw, au, Short e: ea, Blend, Segment & Count Phonemes, Diph-thongs oi, oy, Suffixes -er, -or  Focus/Ideas, Using I and Me, List, Paragraph, Recite from Memory, Survey, Reading a Web Page
Ben Franklin & His First Kite(Biography)/ Poetry Theme, Ask Questions, Read w/ Appropriate Phrasing, Multiple-Meaning Words, Reading Across Texts Prefixes un-, re- Prefixes un-, re-, Long Vowels I, o, Segment & Count Syllables, Substi- tute Initial Phonemes, Vowels aw, au, Short e: ea Sentences, Pronouns, Plan, Speak Well, Description, Chart, Encyclopedia