Royce Ohlde



I am a native of Washington County having grown up on a farm by Palmer.  Before entering college at the age of 43 I held jobs as a construction worker (mainly concrete), livestock product salesman, and part-time mail carrier while also being a crop and livestock farmer.  I use experiences from all these jobs in my current occupation as a science teacher in USD 223.

          My goal as a teacher is to provide my students with the fundamental knowledge they need to be successful in a classroom after they leave our schools.  While our students may not have the opportunity to have a wide range of science courses, I believe they have a good foundation on which to build.  This is true across our curriculum; our students walk out the door with the tools they need to be successful in any field IF they develop their priorities properly and set goals.

          I enjoy teaching and watching students mature through the years.  Nothing brightens my day more than receiving an e-mail or letter from a former student, or better yet when they walk through my door and give me an update on their lives.  Some even say thanks, that’s icing on the cake.

          If you have any questions concerning your child and my class feel free to contact me at the school at 337-2281, or e-mail me at