January 2016


January, 2016


January is School Board Recognition Month, and USD223 says thank you to these community leaders who volunteer countless hours to provide leadership for our public schools. 

Ordinary citizens doing extraordinary work: that’s how to describe our local board of education! These seven individuals are our friends and neighbors who are creating a future for every child in our community. They spend countless hours preparing to make decisions, participating in meetings and attending school activities and events. They advocate on the local, state and national levels for our children. They are held accountable for the decisions they make, and do all of this as volunteers.

School board members in USD223 develop policies and make tough decisions that help shape the future of our education system. They bear responsibility and oversight for an annual budget of $5.6 million, 340 students, 85 employees and three buildings.

Public education is a cornerstone of American society, and local school boards are deeply rooted in U.S. tradition. In fact, in 1966 the people of Kansas amended our state’s constitution to specifically call for local public schools that are ‘maintained, developed and operated by locally elected boards.’ 

Our local board of education is responsible for setting a vision for our local education program, and partners with staff and other members of the community to provide the facilities and infrastructure to achieve that vision. They research, study and then discuss issues so that they can make informed decisions on countless complex challenges. 

Too often we forget about the personal sacrifices school board members make. The job of a school board member is tough, the hours long and the thanks few and far between. The month of January marks the annual observance of School Board Recognition Month and gives us the chance to say thank you!

The theme this year is “Public School Board Members Create a Future for Every Child.” This is a time to shine a light on how local boards prepare today’s students for success. In January, join with others throughout our district and state to salute the men and women who provide leadership for our public schools.

They are advocates for our community, our children and our public schools, and are committed to providing an excellent education for every child in our community. We are grateful to have this opportunity to formally say ‘thank you’ to each of them.  The men and women serving USD223 this school year are Darren Bott, Toby Bruna, Diane Gugenhan, Joselyn Kearn, Alan Ohlde, Scott Zaboktrsky and Jim Zarybnicky. USD223 encourages the entire community to thank a school board member, not only this month but throughout the entire year. 

School Closings 
Due to changing weather conditions, there is always the possibility that classes may have to be dismissed early or cancelled for the day.  If school is cancelled or dismissed early you will be notified by our EZ School Message automated parent notification system, which will deliver a phone call, text message or e-mail supplied by parents/guardians for this purpose. If 
you answer, you will hear a recorded message.  If you don’t answer the message should go to your voicemail. You can also tune to local radio and television stations for updated cancellation notices:

Radio Stations include:  Topeka’s WIBW 580AM
  Marysville’s KNDY AM/FM
  Clay Center’s KCLY AM
Beatrice, NE’s KWBE AM
Fairbury/Beatrice, NE’s KUTT FM / KGMT AM

Television Stations include: Topeka’s WIBW 13
Topeka’s KSNT 27


Brian Cordel, USD223 Superintendent