Transportation Information

Updated:  11 Nov 15

- The USD 223 Vehicle Request and Information Tracking Form is now in Version 3 (Dated: V3 Oct 15).   Please follow the link to Transportation Forms to download the new/updated document.

- We are transitioning to new activities!  Please prepare and get your transportation requests in as soon as possible!  It is extremely beneficial to have them early in order to develop a better picture of vehicle / driver requirements.

- Is the vehicle you are driving pulling to the left or right?  Does it make a funny noise?  If you notice anything wrong with the vehicles, let me know as soon as possible!  The sooner we get it fixed... the sooner it returns back into service.

Bad Habits:
- Leaving a vehicle with little to no gas in it is rude and inconsiderate.  If your excuse is "because I found it that way, I'm gonna leave it that way" then you need to rethink your thought process.  That is how we break that cycle!

- Leaving a vehicle full of trash, junk and food scraps is an unacceptable act.  These vehicles are shared by us all, which makes us all accountable for their condition.  Please make every effort to be considerate to the next person... clean up your mess and do right by the vehicle.  These are all we got for now... lets work together to keep them as nice as we can!

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